Rants, various.

trump, Fauci, and governors.

Naming is important.

Occasionally there is good news.

Just in case you are not depressed enough, read this from my SIL:

“The latest research on covid-19 showed that in places with greater air pollution, the virus was able to stick to the particulates of pollution to go higher, farther and to hitch a ride. So this coming dust storm does not bode well for those it hits who need protection from the pandemic.”

tear gas


check myself daily


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Anchoring the links.

anchor w chain

Racism will have a new definition in the dictionary. Link from Kym‘s blog.

As a former trombonist in my h.s. band, I endorse this videoLink from Clara Parkes’ daily email. You could get those emails, too; sign up here.

More cowbell trombone.

Scary but necessary.

The national anthem as a duet.

Biden: he’s not a whiny b*tch.

The poop-flinging monkey in the WH.

Dogs and water.

It’s not easy making recording with remote musicians.

Vintage commercials.

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News of the weird.


My printer, which stopped communicating with my computer back in March when we swapped out the printer stand for three file cabinets, suddenly started working today. I was printing something to pdf but clicked on the wrong button… and the printer woke up and started printing! Just to be sure it wasn’t a fluke I intentionally printed a couple more things. Success!

Tragically, the scanner is not communicating, and I missed that capability even more than printing. But maybe it will start working all by itself, too? Hope springs eternal…

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Three on Thursday.


My three favorite animal videos.

Aanndd… one more for good measure.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 6/24/20.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Come join us!



The BSJ is done except for the buttons, which arrived yesterday but are not sewn on yet. The buttons are coming from Etsy and are a simple translucent blue. Because the tonal yarn makes the sweater so visually busy, I opted for simple buttons. I think I might do another BSJ soon to cement the pattern in my head.


Yep, that’s the beginning of #2 right there. This one will be a colorblock BSJ.

My next project, the knitting to be interspersed* with the colorblock BSJ, will be the In Threes child sweater in Rowan Silk Cotton. Before I start, though, I am testing the yarn to see if it can safely be machine-washed in cold water. If it does not survive that test I will need to find another use for the yarn. In my opinion, giving a mother a child’s garment that must be hand-washed is downright cruel.


book twelfth card


The Twelfth Card by Jeffrey Deaver.  This was a Lincoln Rhyme procedural. Deaver does fewer of his legendary plot twists in this one. It was okay. 3✭.





book beach house

The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe. I found this among the books in the Kindle app on my iPad. At least half of those books landed there unbeknownst to me; pretty sure I never bought this one. When I saw how many unread books there were I decided to start at the beginning and Read.Them.Up., kinda like my effort to knit up my stash. The first book in the alphabetical list was The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, and I did not feel up to that. (Amazon now tells me that the paperback version is only 168 pages, so I bet I could handle it.) Anyway. The Beach House was the second book in that Kindle list and I read it. Not quite chick lit, but close; pretty shallow, imho, and totally not relevant in these days of the coronavirus and unrest. 2✭.

Today is Smokey’s birthday.  We are going to this animal park. “I’ve lived here for 30 years and, given how much I love animals, it is a tragedy that I’ve never been there,” he said. And so we — and our masks — go!

* I plan to alternate between the BSJ and the child’s sweater because the Rowan Silk Cotton is harsh on the hands. If I knit straight through on the sweater it would wear a chasm in my left index finger.

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Song from 1976 strangely relevant today.

A 21-day racial challenge. There are a number of others if this one does not suit; remember, Google is your friend. thanks, ellend!

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Baskets of (yarn) links.

baskets of yarn

It’s witchcraft.

Stand in the gap.

The struggle.

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Abandon all links, ye who enter here.

abandoned bldg w chain

“Just find your rock and get there.”

A profoundly touching poster project.

3,000 year-old hairstyles.

1980s hair bands updated for the pandemic. I have to confess this took my down a YouTube rabbit hole looking for 1980s hair band power songs.

Everything you ever wanted to know about red pandas, including how to do an ultrasound on one. Protip: use apples.

Color theory upended.

Celebrating pride.

King Arthur Flour in the crosshairs.

“In a sense, baking was the first treatment to emerge for the coronavirus.”

Be careful what you ask.

Sewing the saltines.

The inessential nature of gender.

They called him a sissy.

Music of the spheres.

Historical track suits.

How to really make a difference.

No-see-um green.

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Give it up for the animals.

Thanks to all of you who send me these things. You know who you are.

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Throwback Thursday.

I was knitting on the deck one June day in 2007 and kept hearing splashing down at the lake’s edge.

“It’s just the dogs,” I thought. But it continued and eventually I got curious.

June is apparently snapping turtle mating season.

It’s a slow game…

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