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We are in Zuni, New Mexico, to visit Elder Son and family. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the photos from the 3-1/2 day drive to get here. A few highlights of my recent life:

  • My car is very comfortable for a long trip. Maybe not as comfy as the mini-mini-motorhome, but still pleasant.
  • Smokey inhaled something he was allergic to when we left our motel in Pueblo, CO. He sneezed all the way to Zuni, sometimes 10 or 12 times in a row. He went through three pocket-sized packets of tissues, poor baby. It got better once we got here.
  • New Mexico is warm (=hot), sunny, and windy. When I was looking at some IG posts yesterday by someone back home, the sight of water! and green trees! was like a balm.
  • New Mexico is also beautiful in its own way. Yesterday we toured the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest (actually, those are in Arizona). Gorgeous — what majestic scenery!
  • After the sightseeing we ended up in Winslow at the Turquoise Room at La Posada Inn, where I had the Wild-Wild Platter, accompanied by a Kilt Lifter ale. The hotel was built in the 1920s by Fred Harvey. Check out the history and photos at the link above. It is a magnificent place.
  • I have turned my hair slightly blue with this shampoo. I have used it the last two times I washed my hair; the first time I only applied it to the long lightish (not gray, no NOT gray) tress at the left side of my head, and it got very subtly blue. The second time I used the shampoo on all my hair — the effect is so subtle, so why not? Stay tuned — I might post a photo someday.
  • I attended the state Dems convention the weekend before we left. Pulled a 5’x9′ trailer 300 miles across the state and back to acquire some BIG Tammy Baldwin signs for our county and the county north of us. There was a fair amount of knitting time at the convention during the speeches and a training session. Stay tuned — someday I will show you a photo of the Russell Street shawl I am knitting. It will be awhile
  • Being co-chair of the county Dems is a job that can expand to fill the time available. While on this trip I have neglected our website, but participated in two conference calls in the car on the road, scheduled people to walk in parades, and did a test Skype call in preparation for a gubernatorial candidate who will Skype into our June meeting. It’s fun! (she told herself)
  • Keep checking back here — I will post again…someday.


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In go the links.


Books as baby gifts. thanks, compassionknit and Al!

Tom Hanks.

This is the saddest 23-word sentence I ever read.

A reference chart.

Want to learn how to make mead? Related.

Helpful field guide to birds of the western US.

On pockets.

Dresses for women who do nothing but stand in one place, perhaps on a small pedestal, and never, ever do anything else.



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The garden in early summer.

Earlier I showed you my crocuses and daffodils, but they are long done. Now that the trees have fully leafed out, the flowerbed outside our front door is largely a shade garden.


Stella d’Oro daylilies in a shaft of sunlight.


From the front: another Stella d’Oro, an unnamed lily, the previous Stella, another lily that will bloom soon (it doesn’t get as much sun), and a pink astilbe. There is a hosta blooming back there, too, but it doesn’t count.

There are two or three other daylilies and another astilbe to the right of the photos that haven’t bloomed yet. All the plants are now big enough that I can stand back and see what needs to be moved and where I have holes waiting to be filled. Last year I acquired a baker’s dozen good-sized hosta that I planted along the back edge of the garden to demarcate the line where the garden ends and the woods begin. Sadly, some of them are being surrounded by weeds — time to get busy back there.

On the farm where I lived until I was ten my parents had a wildflower garden in part of the back yard; really, they had fenced the yard in such a way as to include part of the woodland (this was in southern MN in the corn belt, so there was limited woodland), then transplanted wildflowers from outside the fence into that area. I remember jack-in-the-pulpits and columbines and woodland phlox; the latter, which we called Sweet William, has a such lovely fragrance. In a little shade bed I had here before we remodeled and added on to the house, I planted some of that phlox; the scent in the spring took me right back to childhood. (I wish Google provided a smell search in addition to words and images so I could share the fragrance with you.) I want to plant some Virginia bluebells and woodland phlox in my flowerbed to add blues and lavenders to the yellows of the late daffodils.

Jack-in-the-pulpit may be questionable here; I have never seen it growing wild, but the internet tells me it is native to all of the 48 lower states. However, the internet also tells me it likes rich, dampish soil, and my garden is lean soil and dryish, so J-i-t-p may be problematic. Columbines do grow wild in this area, though, so they should thrive when I add them (someday). The local ones are the downward-facing reddish ones, but I had a blue Colorado columbine that seemed to do well in the aforementioned shade bed. How about red, white, and blue columbines that bloom shortly before the Fourth of July? Yeah, I crack myself up.

[digression] When I googled the native red columbines, I discovered that columbines are closely related to baneberries and wolfsbane/monkshood, all of which are toxic. Huh. When I was a child, my mom showed me how to bite off the tiny pips at the ends of the flower spurs to get the sweet nectar inside. From Wikipedia: “Canada columbine contains a cyanogenic glycoside, which releases poisonous hydrogen cyanide when the plant is damaged.” Yikes. Another thing I did in my youth that was perhaps not so wise. [/digression]

Speaking of baneberries, they grow wild here, too. white baneberr.jpgElder Son had been roaming in the woods once when he was about ten and came to tell me that he had discovered a plant that looked like a cross between a plant and something from Jim Hensen’s workshop. You can see how strange they are in the photo at left.

There are several elderberry bushes along our property line. For years I have wanted to make syrup from the berries, but the birds and bears always beat me to them. Actually, I am not positive if they are common elderberry or red-berried elder.  I need to do a bit of research and investigation before I make anything from them, since the latter is said to be toxic.

There used to be a good-sized bed of wintergreen in the woods between our house and the neighbor’s. He is not friendly, though, so I haven’t visited it since he moved in. Hope it is still there.


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The world as seen through knitting.


Raise your hand.

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Carturday links!


Dogs cannot.

Please, princess!

A cat named Cheddar.

Apex predator is pissed.

Cat vs. cat tree. (Spoiler alert: the tree wins.)

Relaxation: via cat. More.

Life with a cat.

Looks like our Louise.

Apparently it was not big enough.

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Yarn. Lots of yarn.


In honor of Memorial Day, here are a couple of ways to express your gratitude to our troops far from home: Operation Gratitude  Warmth for Warriors.

Looks like the beginnings of a nice potholder/baby blanket/afghan.

How’s your spidey sense?

Fun DYI shoes!

“I ain’t afraid a no stitch markers!”

Yep, we’ve all been there.

Once again, nope. Still nope.


A masterfully told tale of woe.

Poor T-rex.

Danger, danger!

Poor kitteh!

“K1 P1 K1 P1K1 P1 Sacrifice your first-born K1 P1K1 P1K1 P1.”



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Links everywhere.

hyperlink green blue

This is the state where I live. And it is raiding nearby states for their millennials.

Above all, be comfy.


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PSA regarding The Wedding

If you are like me, you were annoyed that the mainstream media
played only snippets of That Choir at The Wedding. Here ya go!

Also, if by some remote chance you have not heard
Bishop Curry’s sermon, you really should.

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Baskets of yarn.



Knitting on Coke can.

Looking for a lost peacock.


It’s easier without the needles.

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Lake links.

summer chain over lake.jpg

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