Furry (etc.) Friday, 7/9/21.

Cephalopod eyes.

This changes everything.

Behold, the Welsh walrus! From WalesOnline.co.uk.

Your Uber has arrived.”

Raccoon in a party hat.

Mom and the cubs and the swimming pool.

A ginormous kittycat.

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It’s Thursday. Time to rant.

This is how democracy dies.

Editor’s (TheKat™) note: This may well be the dying moment of Thursday rants. As I said a few Thursdays ago, it is tough to find rants with a functioning adult in the White House. Fiber Mondays and Furry Fridays will continue; never any shortage of those.

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Fiber Monday, 7/5/21.

Disaster averted.

I much prefer a pattern like this, one that gives your eyes a place to rest.

“Nothing wrong with that, knitting is a practice, not a sport.” 

So THAT was what that weirdo on January 6 was trying to be.

Neural network-designed knitwear.

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Happy Fourth to you!

yarn flag.jpeg
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Links to the cosmos.

Before we link ourselves into cyberspace, let me update you on the medical news. The endoscopy went fine, and results are nothing to worry about, whew. I put together the facts and previous doctors’ comments and realized that the reason I had to have this third one is because the anesthetic used before, propofol (yay, google!), did not put me under enough. When the docs tried to biopsy the bulge in the duodenum, I apparently refused to lie still. Moving around made it difficult/impossible to get a good tissue sample. The procedure yesterday was under general anesthesia.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programs Saturday links.

One minute and twenty-nine seconds of pure magic.

Good news!

A gift for you.

Inuit parenting.

LGBT tartan.

Jeff Bezos goes to hell. on minimum wage.

Foraging for native plants vs. invaisives.

Intelligence = tattoo for this girl.

Adulting has its advantages.

Co-workers donate kidneys to the other’s spouse.

* In this case, “bulge” was a bit of stomach tissue that was living elsewhere than the stomach.The doc said it had probably been there since I was a fetus in my mother’s womb, and that it did not need to be removed.

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Furry Friday, a PSA.

As much fun as all the fireworks are for humans, dogs would prefer to skip the whole explosive scene and simply hang out with their people. Here are some tips to make the Fourth a bit less stressful for your dog this year.

In our house we have doggy Valium from the vet, the administration of which generally causes our noise-sensitive dog(s) to take a nap and miss the whole thing. Percy the Pit Bull and Milady the Serene require the Valium; Misha the Formerly Shy Dog and the two cats couldn’t care less about the ka-booms.

Here is fifteen minutes relaxing music for your pup.

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Ranting at a distance.

I am University Hospital in Minneapolis today for an endoscopy with ultrasound. This will be my third such procedure since April, all in an effort to figure out what is happening in my stomach and small intestine. This should be the last one; this gastroenterologist is the best on the face of the earth, according to the local gastro who referred me to him. Results will be forthcoming…

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Unraveled Wednesday, 6/30/21.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.


Back to the Boxy. Knitting this sweater in a 2X-3X size in fingering weight yarn is making me think that such an enterprise is actually possible. This is very good news, since sweaters in heavier yarns are generally too warm for me. Way back in my stash — purchased in 2007 — is enough gorgeous blue/green/maroon Polwarth fingering weight yarn for a sweater. Perhaps someday...



The Hand that First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell. I have read a couple of O’Farrell’s books and found them worthwhile, so I have several more on my want-to-read queue. This one, however, did not match the others in quality in my opinion. Perhaps it was due to my reading this over four or five nights, but the further I got into the book, the harder it was to keep the characters straight. This was not helped by the plot device of jumping backward and forward in time. IMO; YMMV. 2✭




The Speed of Light by Eliss Dickey. Another Amazon/Kindle freebie — sadly, these freebies are seldom worth the time it takes to read them. Most are just a half-step above Harlequin romances. This one features a young woman recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and her struggles. That premise could have yielded a much better book if written by a better author. 1✭




Hill House (Harry Starke book #3) by Blair Howard. If it weren’t for this author’s persistent habit of name-dropping brand names, it would have earned another half-star from me. I do not want to know what brand of — presumably expensive — shoes the detective puts on, nor what the labels of his shirt, sweater, or underwear say. Sheesh. Otherwise, this series is decent, standard detective fiction. 2.5✭





The Rose Code by Kate Quinn. Quinn is the author of The Alice Network and The Huntress, both spy novels set during WWII, with female protagonists, and which I enjoyed immensely. This one is set at Bletchly Park, the top secret site where the Brits decoded messages sent by the German high command, using an Enigma machine recovered from a sunken German vessel. Three very different women become friends there and after the war seek to expose a traitor. Although I am listening to this one, I think I might prefer to read it the old-fashioned way. 4✭



Moldy & Scuzzy on the case.

The X Files. We finished season 8, and it was way better than season 7. The majority of the episodes furthered the mythology; there was a minimum of monster-of-the-week episodes.

Tragically, our library system has neither season 9 nor season 10. When we are ready for it, season 11 awaits. Smokey went on eBay and found season 9 for ten bucks, and he will search again for season 10 when we are ready.


A Quiet Place. The sequel to this movie is playing at our local cineplex, and a review of it mentioned that it was as good as the original, so I got the latter from the library. It has an intriguing plot: somehow the world has been taken over by bullet-proof metallic gangly monsters who are blind — no eyes — but with extraordinary hearing. As the movie’s tagline states, “If they hear you, they will kill you.” Overall, the movie was okay, but given that there was almost no dialog, it was a complete bust for knitting. 3★

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Fiber Monday, 6/28/21.

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Linky, linky; here comes slinky. (No, I have no idea what that means, either.)

Be the Ms Frizzle you want to see in the world.

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