Fotography Friday, 8/30/19.

SA navy ship.jpg

Aircraft carrier, presumably British; South Africa, December 2005.

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Chewy customers, beware!

Happily,  this was NOT our delivery nor our porch.

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A couple years ago I went to the 50th reunion of my class. Not my high school class; we left the village pictured before in the summer before my tenth grade year. Before the actual reunion Smokey and I drove around.


The outbuildings on the farm where we lived until I was ten. My great-grandfather bought the farm from the original homesteader. My grandfather and his ten (10!) siblings grew up here. When GGF died, my dad took over the farm. From left: corn crib, hog house, and granary; obviously long out of use.




Originally, this was the carpentry/machine shop building. When we lived on the farm it was the pelting shed. (Dad was a mink rancher.) Local women did the skinning and scraping; the jobs were a welcome source of extra income right before Christmas every year.


Where the barn once stood. The half-mile driveway is in front of the cornfield on the left.


The house where we lived after we moved off the farm but before moving to northern MN. The trees were small then, giving no shade at all to the house. It was quite a shock to see them so big.


The playground and entrance to my old grade school.


Parade down Main Street, probably mid-1950s. A few years later and my trombone and I would have been marching in the front row. 


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Winter is coming. Where are your sweaters?



An interesting ribbing stitch.

Want to knit a nest for a good cause? (Crocheted nests are okay, too.)

Topological programmable materials“, i.e., knitting and crocheting.

More science: conductive crochet allows typing in mid-air.

Finally a use for all those old campaign t-shirts I have lying around.


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I found some links under the bed.

summer chain rusty over pipe gate.jpg

Let people enjoy stuff!


Need a new screen background on your phone?

Pirate those plants!

It is expensive to be poor

Horse evolution.

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Unraveled, 8/14/19.


I resumed knitting my Fairfield sweater again, but with somewhat less enthusiasm than before. I am a few inches up the armscythes, so progress is being made… slowly.


When one project does not delight, what to do? Cast on another one, of course.

This is the Rainbow Warrior shawl, which has been in my favorites for awhile. I was pondering what to do with the self-striping yarn; it is Knitting Fever Indulgence 6-ply with Silk and soft enough for next-to-skin wear. But the colors are, um, unusual. Much pondering led me to combine it with this KnitCircus Greatest of Ease I. decided I wanted to knit a crescent-shaped shawl in two colors for next year’s silent auction; this pattern fit the bill. As soon as I figure out how to keep my stitch counts correct it will be off to the races with this one.


A knitter always needs a portable project, too, so here is the latest double-stranded pair of socks — actually sock, as I am still on the first one. More KF Indulgence w Silk. (It was on sale at Webs last year — what can I say?)

Reading is such a joy when one finds a couple really good books, which is what I read in the last week.

book nickel boys This book is every bit as good — and as disturbing — as you have heard. Whitehead writes readable prose, and this story is horrifying and absolutely believable. One quibble I have seen is that the he does not write the female characters with any depth; true. Even the white guards at the boys’ *school* are more fully realized than the few female characters. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book. 4✭


book big sky.jpgThis is the fifth book in Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie series. I think I need to go back and re-read them all; Brodie is present in this book, but does he actually initiate or meaningfully direct the action? I’m not sure. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable real with frequent dry humor, and I recommend it. 4✭



book shape of water.jpgSometimes a wildly popular author recommended on NPR does not appeal; this is one. Andrea Camilleri, an Italian mystery writer whose many books have been translated into English among other languages, died last month, and NPR did a piece about him. (I cannot it find it on their website; perhaps I heard it elsewhere?) So I requested three of his books from the library. Sadly, the first one did not translate well for me, either in language or culture, and I gave up halfway through. YMMV, however, so you may want to check out his writings.

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Sampling the Icelandic rotten shark: a story in photos.

andrew 1andrew 2Andrew 3Andrew 4Andrew 5


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HB2 me!

IG A.jpg

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Photography Phriday, 8/9/19.


Remember winter? Somewhere in Polk County, WI; December, 2012.

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Three on Thursday.



Thing The First.
The buzz of chainsaws is no longer constant, having slowed down to mere intermittence. I still need to sweep leaves and twigs and small branches off our deck(s); they are from the second storm, on July 26. Why am I so tardy about tidying up? Busy with Dems and other indoor stuff.

Thing The Second.
Sometimes I find it hard to remember which entity of which I am the treasurer when I get a check to deposit. 7th Congressional District Dems, Polk County Dems, Kim for Wisconsin, or Friends of the Library? Earlier this week I planned on driving 30+ miles round trip to deposit a Dems check, only to realize at the last minute that it needed to go to a different bank, 20+ miles round trip (but I would already be halfway there on a different errand, so half those miles do not count). However, when I got to the proper bank their electricity was out — yet another storm — and they could not process the deposit, which meant I needed to make another visit later that day when, hopefully, their power would have been restored. I did and it was, hallelujah.

Thing The Third.
The hummingbird feeder is rehung outside my office window from a higher hook.


But although hummers zoom past and around the feeder, few of them actually stop to take a drink.


But this one did.

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