Meshing the chains. Or mailing them. Your choice.

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I’m not a vegetarian, but this sounds good.

Stressed? Listen to this.

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While I am not in favor of beautiful blondes wearing 5″ heels, I do like this music. It always amazes me how lovely thrash metal can sound when done in another way.

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Things that make me say, “Hmmm…”


Not me.

  • When driverless cars are perfected, we can all knit as we *drive*
  • “ ‘Old Bill,’ dead in London, was a carrier pigeon. He carried messages during the first year of the big war from British army and air forces in France and Belgium back to London and lost a leg. Brought back to England by an invalid soldier, he enjoyed life for many years, and now has laudatory ‘obituary notices’ in English papers.“ ‘Old Bill’ flew back and forth in the big war and lost a leg without ever knowing why he was flying or why he had to lose that leg.”But ‘Old Bill’ was no more ignorant than a majority of the soldiers over whose heads he flew on errands that he did not understand.”— The Evening Review [East Liverpool, Ohio], June 21, 1934 via
  • I am occasionally overcome with an intense desire to be near an ocean or other very large body of water so I can hear the gull overhead. (Maybe I should instruct my sons that I want my nursing home to be in Maine.)
  • Elder Son now lives in the desert southwest, roughly 250 miles from Mexico, but he called Wisconsin last week to get my enchilada recipe. Go figger.
  • The sausage I used to make sauerkraut soup last week was labeled “smoked fresh sausage.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Something is either smoked or it is fresh; it cannot be both.
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Twisted knitting links.


Purple wolf FTW!

I may need to take up cross stitch again.

Fixing brioche with a crochet hook or with just your needles. (This one makes no sense to me.) I think she is doing it wrong.)

All you long-haired knitters and pet owners can relate.


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Did I show you my calendar?


You can have one, too! or her store at Cafe Press. No need to wait until December, either;  right now you can specify whether you want the calendar to start in the next three months.

Disclaimer: I have received no freebies from Ms Treadway nor from Cafe Press; paid full price for this calendar — well worth it!

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People get [chain-] linked.

chain link fence w people.jpg

There’s no statute of limitations on consequences, which apparently comes as an unhappy surprise to a lot of dudes. 

Dream on (or wait until you are >65 — you might achieve that dream, if you are lucky.)

This needs to be shared again.


What could possibly go wrong?

Guess what is in a drawer at the Vatican?

Cats and photographers are magic. Sniff the wine. How to train your cat. Adopted by catsnakes.

Wolves FTW!

I like your shoelaces.

Shuffling the books around.

* * * * *

Confession: most of today’s links came from The Doctor Knits @ Tumbr. I’m getting ready to fly to New Mexico on Thursday and need to ration my online time.

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I started an analysis of my knitting future a while back. This is the kind of thing math geeks do for fun.
  1. Download stash from Ravelry into an Excel s/s.
  2. Total up the “yards remaining” column. (140,000, more or less)
  3. Make a list of all the projects I have finished in the last few years.* (Yay, Ravelry! No way I could have done this w/o you!)
  4. Look up how much yarn each one used.** (Yay, Ravelry!)
  5. Total up the yards of yarn used.
  6. Divide total yards used by whatever number of years (or months, whatever) to determine how much yarn I use per year/month/whatever. Convert to yards/year.
  7. Look up life expectancy for women age 68.25. (It’s 18.9, in case you were wondering.)
  8. Multiply the number of yards knit up per year by 18.9.
  9. Compare result to #6, above.
This will tell me whether I have actually reached S.A.B.L.E. I fear I already know the answer.
* This wasn’t really accurate because because it didn’t include all the knitting I had done on the mitered square afghan. I should do the calc again now that the afghan is finished and will be included in the Finished category.
** This is where I stalled out in the calc. Looking up the yardage for every project was too tedious even to contemplate.***
*** Upon further thought I realize now that I wouldn’t have to look up every project, only one of each type. Every pair of worsted weight fingerless gloves would use approximately the same amount of yarn, for example
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It’s turkey day!


Did you bring the turkey?

I’m off to New Mexico today to celebrate with Elder Son, et al. Hope your turkey day is filled with happy family and good things to eat. (And if your team wins, so much the better!)

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Lots of reading and listening to report:

  • The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. Three stars, which is my standard rating for a good book. (Four stars requires that it be outstanding imo, and five stars means that it changed my life. My books, my ratings.) Clever and complicated plot, kept me reading. I may need to start at the beginning of the series because there were so many references to past case(s).
  • Sourdough by Robin Sloan. A semi-sentient sourdough starter, but not really science fiction. Three stars. Light reading if you don’t mind a fair amount of techie stuff.
  • Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy. Two couples and each’s two children go on a Central American cruise, spend a day ashore, and the children are kidnapped. Engrossing plot line, fairly interesting character development (adults only; none of the children never quite came together for me), three stars.
  • Still listening to Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, read by the author. It starts slow, with a roll call of the Norse gods and a brief description of each, but once he gets into the actual myths I am enjoying it. But I have to say: what is the deal with the Norse gods naming everything — spear, hammer, pot, bracelet, silken ribbon, etc., etc., etc/? I know that in our world naming the things that scare us gives us power over them in our minds, but this just gets monotonous.

Reading other people’s, particularly Carole‘s, Goodreads reviews of books I have read has made me realize once again that I am not the world’s most discerning reader. I read almost purely for entertainment and escapism and am likely to miss anything except the most glaring  plot holes or unresolved plot lines or characterizations. Oh, well

* * * * *

Lots of knitting going on here, too, all small projects. I am the queen of small projects.


I finished the fingerless gloves for QGD2 (finally). They had been waiting for the second thumb while I worked out all my own thumb problems. One Christmas present down, one to go!


Cowl for silent auction in the spring. Loved knitting this. Nearly mindless pattern (Autopilot), luscious yarn — what’s not to like?

I played yarn chicken with that cowl, although truth be told, I had a pretty good idea of how much yarn I would need for the final border. Postal scale FTW!



I started another cowl for the silent auction, but I’m not sure it is working out as well as it might.


Worsted weight brioche cowl using Cascade 220 and Darned Good Yarn Worsted Weight Silk. The latter is heavier than the former and seems to dominate both sides of the brioche. I ordered three different heavy worsted/aran weight yarns to sub for the Cascade.

Also planning the hat for QGD3. Check this out:

Much thanks to Ann in NJ for the Stitch Fiddle online chart maker recommendation. It worked nicely. (I plan to embroider the black outlines after the knitting is done. It seemed way too complicated, and probably wouldn’t work well, to try to incorporate them into the chart.) A little stash diving has shown me that I don’t need to dye all the colors I need. I have enough of everything except maybe the lightest blue. May have to dye that one.

Elder Son called today and happened to mention that, because both of GF’s daughters would be home for Thanksgiving but not for Christmas, they were all going to celebrate Christmas at Thanksgiving. Gee, thanks, kid. Two days warning is perfect for the mom who is knitting Christmas presents. (I told him Christmas from me would arrive in the mail. Pfft!)

For more unraveling, head on over to Kat’s to see what everyone else is knitting and reading.

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Nonsense, Patricia.


This has been sitting on my desktop for seven months. Time to publish!

(Can you tell I am running a bit low on blog material?)

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