Yarning in the new year.


A handy website.


World’s most expensive ugly Christmas sweater.

Can’t remember if I showed this one to you.

Pro tip.

All the presents are under

Good dog!

Crafty Minotaur.

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Can you stand one more Jeopardy! post?


That’s the Hawick cowl.

Keeping up with my Facebook messages and emails and texts since Thursday was pretty much a full-time job. There have been 213 searches for me on MyLife.com in that past three days (I do not have a profile on that site, thank goodness.) Anyone who searches for me on LinkedIn will be disappointed, too; I am on there but with no information. Not that I am complaining, you understand. Just the fact. It has largely tapered off now.

We were warned if we won that we might well be contacted by scammers and con artists trying to take advantage. Oh, I think, you mean besides the 4 or 5 friend requests I already get every week from some guy I have never heard of? Forewarned is forearmed, but been there, done that, altogether tired of it.

Jeopardy 3-shot

IMG_0897 2

Younger Son set up his computer to record Thursday’s show for me.

Johnny Gilbert applauds

Screen shot from his recording. That is Johnny Gilbert, the 90-something year-old announcer. They told us he doesn’t come in to work until noon because of his age. Those people in the lower right-hand corner of the screen are the judges.

A thing that surprised me: suddenly getting a mess o’ messages on Ravelry from people who recognized that I was a knitter, mainly because of this sweater that I wore on day 2:

Jeopardy day 2

That’s Tappan Zee, from Knitty spring + summer 2010. I messaged both of the designers to tell them their pattern had appeared on Jeopardy.

Photos from the watch party.

Clockwise from upper lef: me and my doppelganger; not everyone watched every second of the show; after the broadcast they asked that I tell them more about the experience.

There was a reporter from one of the local papers there, too, with his camera. He said there will be photo spread in next week’s paper. He kindly sent me a few.

Clockwise from upper left: Margaret, our candidate for the 7th Congressional District seat in Congress (she lost in this heavily gerrymandered district), me, Smokey, and Ann, past chair of our county party; back of Katherine’s head, an internet friend who tried out with me for Jeopardy the first time back in 1999, Tony (partially hidden), a Minneapolis firefighter married to Tina, who worked at Elder Son’s daycare when he was a toddler (Smokey was best man at their wedding), Kym (back of her head), who was on a trivia team with me (she knew at least half the answers), me, Smokey, and Sue, retired English teacher who had both our sons in class and whom I recruited for the regional library board; watching myself; the aforementioned Tina, Smokey, me, and Sue.

The party was great noisy, enthusiastic, and great fun. Everybody decided to cheer whenever I got an answer right. When I first reserved this room at a local bar & grill, I told them I expected between ten and twenty people; when I called back the day before the party the head count was between thirty and forty. Forty people came; we had to drag in chairs from the next room.

Things I have learned about the fan community:

  • There is at least one sub-Reddit devoted to Jeopardy. The people there comment on each day’s episode and on the different contestants.
  • There are a couple closed Facebook groups of people who have appeared on the show. I am now a proud member of one of them, Women of Jeopardy.
  • One of the people from my taping day created another closed FB group called Nov. 7 Taping Day. It was quite lively last week as, one by one, our episodes aired.
  • There is a Jeopardy hashtag on Twitter.
  • And on Instagram.
  • Why did I not know this?

Thus endeth my 22×2 minutes of fame. Being on that show has been on my bucket list since before bucket lists were invented. It was great fun and one of the most outstanding times of my life.

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Links count down to the new year.

watch chain


Red berries only.

The secret of true happiness, in flowchart form.

Living the white life.

Crows are fascinating.

Strangely fascinating.

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Three on Thursday.


Today is my big day — the day *my* episode of Jeopardy airs. Here are three things I may or may not have told you about it.

Thing The First.
Johnny Gilbert, the announcer, is in his nineties. At the taping they mentioned that he doesn’t come in until noon on taping day because he is 99. A recent online article said that he is 94. According to Wikipedia, he was born July 13, 1924, which makes him 93.

Thing The Second.
I remember very little of the actual taping. It is a blur. I remember maybe 4 or 5 of the questions, including Final Jeopardy. It will be an interesting refresher to watch the show.

Thing The Third.
There are multiple closed groups on Facebook for Jeopardy! contestants. I am now a member of the Women of Jeopardy! and the Nov. 7 tape day groups. The latter is the people who taped the same day as I did — Nicole, Richard, Heath, Lanier, Charbel, Greg, James. (Fun fact: James is well over six feet tall.) Smokey and I were watching the show last Friday and realized that Graham, who won that day, was in the returning champion in my group. We have been watching the shows this week and recognizing everyone.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 12/26/18.

P1020269 2.jpg

I showed you this sweater last week and said that it would be done by the time you read that post.

The best-laid plans, etc.

I played yarn chicken with that last blue stripe and won. Had only a couple yards left. Continued on with one last white stripe; got plenty of the white yarn, no problem. Switched to oxford gray for the last stripe and the final ribbing. Finished the sleeves that way and realized I didn’t necessarily have as much of the gray as I had thought.

Another game of yarn chicken ensued, but this time I lost. There was enough gray yarn for the gray section but not for the final ribbing. The yarn is from Smiley’s and is no longer available; I bought it years ago. A Google search and an eBay search for that yarn turned up nothing. However, the dark blue stripe in the sweater is Knit Pick Wool of the Andes superwash, and I decided that oxford gray WotA would work to finish the sweater. The final sleeve section and ribbing will be the original yarn, the final body section and ribbing another, oh, well. The additional skein has not arrived yet, in fact I haven’t received notice that it shipped.

::cue ominous music::

I just clicked over to KP to see if it had been shipped… and discovered that the yarn was still in my cart. Apparently I had not submitted the order.


Well, it is submitted now — we shall see if it gets here in time. If not, the sweater will go into next year’s warm clothing drive.

While working on the sweater over the past couple weeks I pondered what to knit next. Several projects appealed — finish my Carbeth, cast on for that Noro Silk Garden sweater I bought the yarn for in 2010(!), maybe a red scarfy shawl with the Dream in Color Everlasting Sock or Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere or even the Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock.

However, in the end my grown-up self decreed that I would instead finish the UFOs cluttering my life. Carbeth needs some dedicated thinking about the fit from the armholes to the neck, so it will wait until I have the charity knitting out of the house. Even though the rest of the child’s sweater is relatively mindless, I didn’t feel up to dealing with the challenge of the Carbeth at the same time. Instead, I grabbed this sock that has been lying on my laundry/craft room table for a good long time.


When I picked up this project, the first sock of the pair was done, and the second one was done nearly to the heel. The yarn is a wool/cotton/nylon blend, and I am quite enjoying the color(s). The sticking point is that I got way too clever with the ribbing. The instep and leg are broken ribbing, and I ribbed the arch, too, in an effort to get a more perfect fit. Not that the dozens of socks I have already knit for myself don’t fit, but I had seen this arch ribbing on some store-bought socks and thought I should try it.

The Great British Baking Show is giving me lots of knitting time and keeping me from hating the effort required by the ribbing. Now I am on the leg — just one kind of ribbing, thus less brain effort. The sock should be finished in a day or two.

We were the lucky ones.jpg

After all those disappointing books I talked about last week, I finally came upon one that is really good: We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter. Based on a true story, it tells of an extended Jewish family in WWII Poland trying to survive the Germans and the Soviets. The writing is so good that it gripped me right from the start. It makes me feel the characters’ desperation and determination, sadness and love. Amazingly, even though there are multiple story lines that follow each of the many characters, I am having no trouble keeping them more or less straight. The narrative is based on the author’s forebears’ experiences during the war. Highly recommend, although based on others’s reviews at Goodreads, ymmv.

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It’s Christmas!


Let’s hear it for pagan decorations!

How to wrap your cat for Christmas.

Christmas maths.

On gift giving.

Pizza for Christmas.

This cat really hates Christmas.

It’s Christmas at doggy daycare.

If the letter to Santa didn’t work…

christmas cat w lights.jpg


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Christmas Eve-y links.



“You put the thing through the thing…” More.

Need a needle gauge?

Victor’s secret.

Christmas knitting.

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Reminder: Jeopardy on Thursday!

Yeah, I am gonna milk this 22 minutes of fame for all it’s worth

KK AT medium.jpg

If you live within range of Twin Cities TV stations, you can watch on KARE11 at 4:30pm.

If you are not sure what station near you carries the show, you can look it up on the Jeopardy website here.

If you miss it on Thursday, you may be able to watch it here a day or two later (without commercials!)

A lovely article appeared in my home town newspaper, prompted by a phone call to the editor from Kathy, my best friend in high school. Shorter articles appeared in my local papers here in Polk County, Wisconsin.

I am hosting a watch party on Thursday at a local bar & grill. When I initially called to reserve the room, I said I was expected between 10 and 20 people. As of today, the guest list is somewhere closer to 30. Yeah, Imma gonna milk this for all it’s worth

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Post and link.

post and chain

Vanilla soy latte = three-bean salad.

 Venn diagram.

Anyone for a heart attack? How about another one?

For fans of Leverage.

How to up your burglary game.

Thoughts on the Great British Baking Show.

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Unraveled Wednesday.


This is a stashbuster child’s sweater I have been working on for the warm clothing drive. Since I took that photo I have finished it, but you will have to wait until next week to see the FO, since I finished it after dark Tuesday night. Nighttime photos are not acceptable.

Whilst working on this sweater I have been pondering what to knit next. The idea of knitting more stashbuster children’s sweater tempted me for awhile, but reality eventually took over. My next goal is to finish the miscellaneous UFOs littering the house. First up is the Carbeth I set aside last spring. It shouldn’t take more than a week or two to finish, and then I will have a new sweater! While the majority of winter remains! Triumph!

On the reading front, I have been disappointed lately. Lethal White, detailed last week, disappointed in the end. While I was waiting for my requested books from the library I read The Fifth Seed, a kinda sci-fi thriller, on my iPad; didn’t bother to finish because it was stupid and implausible. Then I remembered I had one library book that I hadn’t read, but Every Dead Thing, a murder mystery by John Connolly, did not enthrall me. I may or may not finish it. The Belinda Bauer mystery from the library turned out to be one I had already read.

However, The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis was definitely not a disappointment. I think I could read anything by Lewis. The Big Short was probably his most popular book and was made into a movie; I read that. Also read Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. I worked in the financial services industry for ten years, so anything having to do with dirty deeds on Wall Street  or the financial markets in general is fascinating to me.


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