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While I am not in favor of beautiful blondes wearing 5″ heels, I do like this music. It always amazes me how lovely thrash metal can sound when done in another way.

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Last of the mouslings/ratlings (we hopes).

Shortly after this the little bugger was tossed into the yard, where it presumably assumed its proper place in the Great Circle Of Life., e.g., being lunch for some larger critter. We set a couple mousetraps in prominent locations before … Continue reading

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This is just wrong.

  Not to mention creepy af.

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Okay, this is just too cool.

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Just in case you need something cute…

found here

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Hungarian Dance #5, Johannes Brahms.

Cleaning my inbox. This link was provided by gayle, many many moons ago.  Her comment: For some reason, I can picture Smokey building one of these in the garage.  I know he likes music…

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More video!

  Several years ago Elder Son and I were filling the cat feeders, which had been empty for a couple days (bad cat mom!), when I gave En Esch this catnip toy. He and his brother, just off camera to the … Continue reading

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Don’t remember why I was unwinding this lovely cake of Jitterbug, but isn’t it fun to watch? That was so much fun — let’s watch some more!

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Just in time for Halloween.

It is clear to me that the owner talks to her porcupine a lot, and it has picked up on the melody and rhythm of her speech patterns. We tend to talk to our cats, and they have done the … Continue reading

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Kinda mesmerizing.

//   * * * * * Not so mesmerizing — in fact, about as interesting as listening to someone read their grocery list — but still. I haven't done the muttering thing for a while. Drive thru :: restaurant. … Continue reading

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