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Anthem for these days.

I woke up this morning singing this song.

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Song from 1976 strangely relevant today.

A 21-day racial challenge. There are a number of others if this one does not suit; remember, Google is your friend. thanks, ellend!

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Throwback Thursday.

I was knitting on the deck one June day in 2007 and kept hearing splashing down at the lake’s edge. “It’s just the dogs,” I thought. But it continued and eventually I got curious. June is apparently snapping turtle mating … Continue reading

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Suddenly Sunday (again).

This past week was the third anniversary of Milady joining our pack. She is such a happy and chill dog (except during thunderstorms, 4th of July, and hunting season). In spite of being chill, however, she is the alpha dog … Continue reading

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Finally Friday.

Kat asked how y’all could help the Native Americans during this pandemic. Here ya go: Navajo Relief Fund Official Navajo COVID-19 Relief Fund Native American Heritage Foundation Adopt an Elder Foundation First Nations Development Institute “Help the Zuni. Shop here.¬†¬†From … Continue reading

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No time like Saturday.

I cancelled my dentist appointment tomorrow. My teeth will have to stay plaque-encrusted for… another month? A year? ::sob:: Some, even MN governor Walz, think Boogaloos may be responsible for starting the extreme destruction in Minneapolis. KSTP-TV, the ABC affiliate, … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday.

As much as I hate the expression, “Somebody has too much time on their hands,” it was made for this video. There was this in Pennsylvania. Younger Son sent this video of what was happening early Wednesday evening over by … Continue reading

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Thursdays are for thumbs. Without them we couldn’t knit.

Word. The COVID-19 crisis may/will have a lasting effect on health care workers and first responders. Also word. Google Translate is not necessarily your friend. It may not be World Octopus Day until October, but check out this cutie. Doggo … Continue reading

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The blathering resumes.

Really, this is more of a data dump than blather. Thoughts have been accumulating and need an outlet. This pandemic has meant that a lot of us have become familiar with some medical terms we had perhaps never heard before. … Continue reading

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I couldn’t stay away.

Got this today…

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