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Wyoming bullets.

Yes, we are in Wyoming on vacation. Bullet post seems appropriate. We got a late start. Mechanic didn't deliver mini-mini-motorhome (Rebuild transmission! Make a/c work!) until the day we were supposed to leave. . A number of things remained for … Continue reading

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Vacation, part 6: fails.

Note: I wrote this last summer after we got back from vacation in an effort to gove complete and unbiased reportage. I wouldn't want you to think our life is all unicorns and pixie dust 😉  Somehow I never managed … Continue reading

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Street scenes in Buffalo, WY.

  That mailbox is a model of a Basque sheepherder's wagon. There was/is a substantial Basque population in Johnson County. Do  you know the way to…?

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Election day. Finally.

I decided to do my own Ten on Tuesday list this week. Ten Reasons to Vote Today. Nifty sticker to wear on your lapel. "I voted!" Cute election judges… if you are a 70+ year old male. Free coffee and … Continue reading

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Dogs on vacation.

Dogs don't talk much, so this post is mostly pictures. And smells. "That is one funny-lookin' dog, guys." There were dogs everywhere in Buffalo, Wyoming, mostly in the backs of pickup trucks. We spotted these two in the parking lot … Continue reading

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Vacation, part 1: wildlife.

We saw moose.   Yeah, you have already seen that one, but it is too good not to use again. We saw antelope. That is suburban Buffalo, WY in the far background. Hey, lady, whatchew lookin' at? We saw mule … Continue reading

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Drive-by posting.

We have left Wyoming and the Big Horns behind and are now camped just outside Glacier National Park in Montana. When Smokey fixes the computer that shot sparks (of course he has  all the parts he needs with him) I'll … Continue reading

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We wimp out.

Sometimes the great outdoors is just too… outdoors-ish. After nice weather for the first half of the week, on Thursday it turned rainy and cold. The last straw was when it snowed on Saturday. I proposed that we check into … Continue reading

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 We are here.The knitting has commenced.   Yarn: Valley Superwash DK (100% superwash merino). Navy, plus stripes (from the top) in maroon (no longer available), teal, biscuit, grass, wild rose, forest, misty lilac, and navy.Needles: Addi Turbo US#5 (3.75mm) circ.Size: … Continue reading

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Sock projects,

I dug through my sock yarn stash to decide on sock projects to bring along on vacation. (Photo taken after I had already plucked The Chosen Yarns.) The first choice is some Mountain Colors Bearfoot, colorway Juniper, that I won … Continue reading

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