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Winter is here.

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Sunday stuff.

“The frickin’ wind. Has not warmed up at all today. It’s about 25˚ below.” The blocks of ice will become the Luck (WI) ice palace, one of the draws of Luck’s Winter Carnival. I have blogged about some of the … Continue reading

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Saturday, minus the links.

When I put on my iWatch this morning I got two surprises: The display showed a fireworks display, which made me smile. It also showed that it was -6F˚, which made me shake my head. Here is our ten-day forecast: … Continue reading

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Random bullets on a Tuesday.

When we woke up on Sunday morning, there was 5″ of snow on the ground. The lake has absolutely no ice on it. As opposed to the Twin Cities, our snow is still here. There, most of it melted because … Continue reading

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Times marches on.

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Fotography Friday.

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Photography Phriday, 8/9/19.

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Three on Thursday.

Three things about winter right now, in visual format. Milady LOVES the snow. She stays outside longer than either of the other two dogs. Don’t know if you can tell, but it is snowing… very heavily.   Bonus!  

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Universe pooping, continued.

Just in case you don’t remember all the ways in which the universe has pooped on us in the past month, here is a recap. Well pump no longer supplies enough water for both the geothermal HVAC and the household … Continue reading

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Luck Winter Carnival!

My favorite part of the Luck Winter Carnival is — surprise! — the Friday night trivia contest at Cafe Wren. My friend Jeff organizes this every year, When he invited me to participate, I declined because I felt like maybe … Continue reading

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