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New feature: foliage photo of the day. And an update.

The odometer on my car reads 5,600 miles more than it did four weeks ago, and I drove over 5,000 of those miles myself. How did that happen, you ask? Round trip to Makanda IL to view the eclipse. Two … Continue reading

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omg, it’s blogversary time!

Ten years ago I posted my first post. Well, actually, it was nine years and 364 days, give or take. Since then I have, as many bloggers have said before me, formed many¬†new friendships, read many new-to-me points of view, … Continue reading

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TBT: blogversary!

It was precisely nine years and five days ago when I published my first blog post. That was over at TypePad. I had tried out Blogger (or whatever it was called back then) and¬†LiveJournal and WordPress and maybe even MySpace … Continue reading

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This is so cool!

The wonders of the internet! I noticed this in the side bar of the blog yesterday:   Where is Oblast? I wondered. Ever the Kurious Kat, I scampered over to Google to find out.   A little more information: Welcome, visitor … Continue reading

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Lookee here!

I'm famous.

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Things organized neatly.

Things Organized Neatly is a site I look at occasionally. These two photos had to be shared.

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Ten on Tuesday, the non-knitting edition.

Today's topic is a fun one: My Ten Favorite Non-Knitting Blogs. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman I think I have absorbed some of her writing style.  Neil Gaiman's Journal One of my favorite people in the world. He lives in Wisconsin, you … Continue reading

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Relax, I’m much better better now.

Whew. If you want to be really appalled, read Marianne's comment on that last post: "jeeze louise, I hope you're feeling better! Bobby had an episode similar, ended up in ER with a kinked intestine, one of the interns dubbed … Continue reading

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The Knit Princess reads my blog!

That is the only explanation for the similarity between this and this (scroll down to the photo of Chris and Chaos). It simply could not be that cats everywhere do the same tricks with our knitting paraphernalia.

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I edited some of the settings on the blog. Please let me know in the comments if this has disrupted the feed or anything else. Thanks.

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