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Fiber Monday: it’s a contest!

I went through all my photos and selected 30 to use here. The challenge is for you to identify where the photo was taken, the occasion, and/or the people pictured. Some of these pictures have appeared on the blog, some … Continue reading

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Good news Tuesday (ahem), 5/30/23.

The “ahem” is because WordPress are this post, including all the images I had inserted. This is the first time WP has done anything so evil. Grrr. Humans are weird. HT to Chris. * * * * * * * … Continue reading

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Good news Tuesday, 5/16/23.

Happy dancing! A Barbie for Down’s syndrome kids.

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Sunday stuff.

I got my car back from the body shop. Remember how it was impaled by the deck railing that was demolished by the deck railing? That damage — new windshield, hood, fender, and possibly some other stuff — cost over … Continue reading

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This and that.

None of these were enough for a full post, so I aggregated them here. ===== I almost (almost) miss the early days of the pandemic. Remember how people teamed up across the country to serenade us? (Just the YouTube video; … Continue reading

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How about some juicy rants?

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I‘m baaack.

Actually, I have been back in the land of the living and conscious for a couple days, but tonight it occurred to me that I could write a post. What a concept! Use language to communicate! The knee replacement surgery … Continue reading

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It’s what’s been happening.

It has been a long, l-o-n-g time since I blogged about what’s happening in my life. Let’s fix that. And now the big news (talk about burying the lede!) My Christmas present from Amanda: She said, “Turn it around.” She … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 12/ 14 21/22.

Joining Kat and friends. Go see what the others are up to. Knitting. I generally begin these Wednesday posts over the weekend and add the knitting section on Tuesday so that the photos of WIPS are as current as possible. … Continue reading

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Vell, yah, ve got some snow der.

That monster storm that has created (and is still creating) gave us some snow, too. Before he could begin to plow out the cars, he had to remove a monster branch from the driveway. Sorry, no picture of that. I … Continue reading

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