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Beach beauties.

I don’t know anything about these. They just show up in my IG feed. Aren’t they beautiful?

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Unraveled Wednesday, 7/14/21.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Knitting. Boxy is progressing nicely. I finished the body last week; now I am knitting the kimono style sleeves. Visually, it is a big red blob, so not pictures this week. Reading. df The Plague … Continue reading

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Link, link, rink-a-dink.

Did the world really need this? Pretty sure New York City didn’t need this.

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Linky, linky; here comes slinky. (No, I have no idea what that means, either.)

Be the Ms Frizzle you want to see in the world.

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A Thursday rant.

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Sunday, Sunday.

My routine is to go to bed sometime between 8:00 and 10:00, then read or peruse Instagram on my iPad until midnight or so. Since I have been reading the All Souls trilogy, very little of that time has been … Continue reading

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Furry Friday.

Quarantine time. Cat butts: a science project. Best with sound on. Watch a falcon livecam. Cello concert… for the cows. More. This one. Cats don’t need anyone else to help.

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A couple small rants.

Rant the first. Aaron Rogers is hosting Jeopardy! this week and next week. I have been waiting for this ever since it was announced back in December or January. Smokey and I happened to be watching in 2015 when Rogers … Continue reading

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Ranting on a Sunday.

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Unraveled Wednesday, 2/24/21.

Knitting. I have noticed several people on Instagram — looking at you, knitorious — who are doing a 100 Day Project. Then I realized as I was knitting last night that I have a 100 Day Project of my own: … Continue reading

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