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Saturday stuff, 8/6/22.

Yesterday’s earworm: Separate Ways / Journey. The museum of endangered sounds. Katharine, the other Wright sibling. Not for me. A similar article from the NYTimes. The Wizard of Oz. Want to learn Spanish / French / Japanese / Korean / … Continue reading

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Fiber Monday, 7/11/22.

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Ranting, tra la la la.

Actually, Barry, we were not on the eve back in 1965. Today, maybe we are, but not then.

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Rants, various; 4/27/22.

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Non-ranting, aka good news, Tuesday, 4/26/22.

Remember, if the image is too small for you to read, just click on it to see a larger version.

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Saturday stuff.

An easy way to fight off COVID infection. I don’t test ’em, I just report ’em. How to look 30 years younger. Ditto. * * * * * Y’know how people reveal a lot of stuff online that is embarrassing? … Continue reading

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Let’s talk minutiae.

Not enough for an actual blog post (which I hardly ever do any more) but some things that have happened. I have created a beverage that is tasty (to me), low- or no-calorie, and quenches my dry mouth, It is … Continue reading

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Sunday stuff.

This is amazing to me. I listened to the lecture on YouTube; I know just enough physics from high school to understand about 5%. And I sent the link to my Ph.D engineer brother for his comments. McDonalds transforms to … Continue reading

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Furry Friday, 2/27/22, where it is all dogs all the time.

Except for this one. And this one. Oopa, found another one. Fauna sauna.

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Saturday stuff.

‘Tell everyone on this train I love them’

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