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Throw-back Thursday Tuesday.

So I was surfing around on the ‘net and somehow ended up on my blog back in the pre-July-2015, Typepad days. This post brought back memories: Nostalgia. (The old blog also reminded me that I used to blog a lot … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday.

I was knitting on the deck one June day in 2007 and kept hearing splashing down at the lake’s edge. “It’s just the dogs,” I thought. But it continued and eventually I got curious. June is apparently snapping turtle mating … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: story in pictures.

…and they all lived happily ever after. (The couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last November.)  

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Throwback Thursday, 4/11/19.

I love this song. It always gets my foot a-tappin’!

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Throwback Thursday.

YouTube’s greatest hits, as determined by me us.

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Throwback Thursday: October 2006.

Remember the Dulaan Project? That’s where these FOs were destined.  08 October 2006 In which I display [lots of] FOs… …and more pictures than you may want to see. My apologies to those on dial-up. No. 1 (each stripe is … Continue reading

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TBT: Turtle love.

I captured this video in June 2007 and posted it on the blog then, but the original YouTube video disappeared when Google[?] bought YouTube and redid all the accounts. But it is back again, in all its snapping turtle, sex-in-the-water … Continue reading

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TbT: back about 1996 or so…

That’s younger son second from right. Dark-haired guy got married a couple weeks ago.

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TBT: May, 2014.

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Throwback Thursday: thoughts whilst ringing the bell.

From November 23, 2014. I spent a couple of hours on Friday bell-ringing for the local Salvation Army*. While I have done a shift or two every year for several years, this was in a new location for me. It … Continue reading

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