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Three on Thursday: New Year’s goals.

This is at least a week tardy, but I didn’t figure out my goals until last weekend. I am not doing resolutions; I am doing goals. And those goals are things that I had already thought would be fun to … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

Today is my big day — the day *my* episode of Jeopardy airs. Here are three things I may or may not have told you about it. Thing The First. Johnny Gilbert, the announcer, is in his nineties. At the … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

Three things I am enjoying now that the election is over. (As co-chair of our county party and whose other co-chair was running for the state legislature, I discovered that the co-chair job pretty much expands to fill the time … Continue reading

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3 on Thursday, 1/18/18.

Smokey had a VA appointment in Minneapolis today so I went along. Usually when we make this trip we have dinner with Younger Son, but he had other plans so we just came back home afterward. Three things I would … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday: FOs.

Three things I have finished recently: This hat for donation. I just felt like knitting a hat, so I did. Stranded colorwork is not my forte nor my pleasure, so I kept it to a minimum here. The hat is … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

This is my first ToT post; please curb* contain your enthusiasm. Three things I like about winter having arrived. The opportunity to wear my handknits (duh). I have been exulting in unpacking all my Woolly Wonders™ from their zip-locked prisons. … Continue reading

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Three things.

Three things I am NOT doing. Knitting. This is really, really hard, but I know that letting those thumbs rest for awhile (weeks? months? ::sob::) is the best thing I can do for myself. . Eating. Well, I am eating, … Continue reading

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