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Three on Thursday.

Three things about winter right now, in visual format. Milady LOVES the snow. She stays outside longer than either of the other two dogs. Don’t know if you can tell, but it is snowing… very heavily.   Bonus!  

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Three (and a lot more!) on Thursday.

‘Tis St Valentine’s Day today! In my quest to find three fabulous heart- and love-related things, I went through some old posts. Back when I was a better blogger I did some rather ambitious posts on V-Day. Here ya go! … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday: New Year’s goals.

This is at least a week tardy, but I didn’t figure out my goals until last weekend. I am not doing resolutions; I am doing goals. And those goals are things that I had already thought would be fun to … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

Today is my big day — the day *my* episode of Jeopardy airs. Here are three things I may or may not have told you about it. Thing The First. Johnny Gilbert, the announcer, is in his nineties. At the … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

Three things I am enjoying now that the election is over. (As co-chair of our county party and whose other co-chair was running for the state legislature, I discovered that the co-chair job pretty much expands to fill the time … Continue reading

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3 on Thursday, 1/18/18.

Smokey had a VA appointment in Minneapolis today so I went along. Usually when we make this trip we have dinner with Younger Son, but he had other plans so we just came back home afterward. Three things I would … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday: FOs.

Three things I have finished recently: This hat for donation. I just felt like knitting a hat, so I did. Stranded colorwork is not my forte nor my pleasure, so I kept it to a minimum here. The hat is … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

This is my first ToT post; please curb* contain your enthusiasm. Three things I like about winter having arrived. The opportunity to wear my handknits (duh). I have been exulting in unpacking all my Woolly Wonders™ from their zip-locked prisons. … Continue reading

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Three things.

Three things I am NOT doing. Knitting. This is really, really hard, but I know that letting those thumbs rest for awhile (weeks? months? ::sob::) is the best thing I can do for myself. . Eating. Well, I am eating, … Continue reading

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