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Three things.

Three things I am thankful for. My husband, our sons, my daughter-in-law, friends, and our canine and feline family. Science and public health that has kept us and much of the world healthy. Think readily available clean water and clean … Continue reading

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Many things on Thursday.

I have realized that updating my coronavirus spreadsheet every day is an unconscious effort to maintain control over the situation in some small way. I continue to have the same low-level depression that pretty much everyone has this year; in … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

My three favorite animal videos. Aanndd… one more for good measure.

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Three on Thursday.

I haven’t done a 3oT post in forever. Today’s post is three things I have been procrastinating on. Maybe posting this will spur action…? Thing the First. Get the herbs and coleus I bought nearly a month ago into their … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday. And some other stuff.

x And now, in other coronavirus news… x x What else is going on at Chez Katâ„¢? Not much. Had a frozen pizza for dinner last night. Got a roast in the crockpot today. Beef rump roast, big can of … Continue reading

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Three (and lots more) on Thursday.

Skip ahead to 45:42 to hear Amnah Nawaz’s interview with our lieutenant governor. “Grow up and do your damn job!” Aside: Does anyone else turn their head sideways and try to read the titles on the books in the background … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday: let’s play some games.

We are all going a little stir-crazy about now. How about some (hopefully) amusing games? Game 1. A friend posted on Facebook asking people to tell five things about themselves that (probably) were not true of any other of his … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday. (Happy heart day!)

Thing the First:       Thing the Second:   Thing the Third:   For a massive number of Valentine’s Day hearts and love (and kittehs!), click here.  

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Three on Thursday, 1/9/20.

Last year I did a different kind of New Year’s resolution. I had only one goal, and it was a very easy one to meet: I wanted to try some different kinds of drinks and liquors. How did I do? … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

THE WAY THINGS ARE RIGHT NOW. Thing The First. The buzz of chainsaws is no longer constant, having slowed down to mere intermittence. I still need to sweep leaves and twigs and small branches off our deck(s); they are from … Continue reading

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