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More stuff in bullet form: A week or so ago I watched a loon struggle with a fish. It was happeningĀ  pretty far away across the lake, and even with binoculars — which sit on my desk year-round for just … Continue reading

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The Carbeth preliminaries: Decide on yarn. Given that a 100% wool DK- or worsted-weight sweater is often too warm for me (hello, post-menopausal self!), Berroco Vintage — only 40% wool and machine-washable and -dryable — was the perfect choice. Order … Continue reading

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Sweater thoughts.

I have the itch to cast on a sweater for myself; a nice cardigan or something with cables or maybe something simple knit from gorgeous yarn. But I am Being A Grownup. My first priority must be to Finish AllĀ Most … Continue reading

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He’s wearing his sweater!

Younger Son and Ser Percival The Energetic went camping a couple weekends ago. Percy is wearing the sweater I made for him! (And repaired for him.)

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A former co-worker of Smokey's and former renter of our house had a baby over a year ago, and I promised her a sweater. While I knit it almost immediately, it sat… and sat… and sat… waiting for the arm … Continue reading

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Tuesday, but not ten on.

Lots o' snow here. We got ~12" last Thursday. View from windows on the uphill side of the house.   Turning to the right to gaze through the trees toward the neighbor's house.   Looking out from the sliding door … Continue reading

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Baby sweater.

One of Smokey's former co-workers and former tenant of ours had a baby in November, and Smokey suggested that I knit something for the new arrival. I was deep into other projects right then, but I dug in the stash … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the sweater and yarn edition.

Five Favorite Sweater Patterns And Five Favorite Yarns To Use. First, the patterns. The Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan by Pamela Costello. I used that pattern to make my multi-color striped raglan. Baby Brights by Bev Galeska. I have used that pattern … Continue reading

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Muttering through Mother’s Day.

537 :: is more than 400 Horizon :: line. Episode :: seizure. Character :: -driven. Crossed :: town bus. Shipping :: charges. Jump :: Whoopee Goldberg. Bowling :: Lebowski. Grumpy :: Old Men. Them :: Us.   I celebrated my … Continue reading

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Waiting for Godot.

That phantom hip replacement? Postponed again. This is the fifth postponement. Let me just say… ARGHHHH! Had the pre-op physical last Monday. Doc found a heart murmur, ordered an echocardiogram to check it out. I had been told about 40 … Continue reading

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