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Storm update, day 5.

From our utility company’s Facebook page: “TUES, JULY 23, 9:30A.M. STORM RESTORATION UPDATE: 1,800+ MEMBERS OUT OF POWER. 7,200 restored since Friday night. More help today: Crews from SEVEN neighboring co-ops plus contractors with expertise in tree clearing, underground and … Continue reading

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Storm update, day 4.

This video was posted by my friend Jeff, who was hit hard by the storm. After a gang of friends with chain saws had cleared his driveway, he made the video driving along the road he lives on. We are … Continue reading

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Settle back. This is a long post.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen some these photos and commentary already. But there has been too much going on the past few days not to memorialize it in a blog post. Here goes. The weather was … Continue reading

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More stuff in bullet form: A week or so ago I watched a loon struggle with a fish. It was happening¬† pretty far away across the lake, and even with binoculars — which sit on my desk year-round for just … Continue reading

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Winter Autumn is coming.

Seen this week.  Autumn begins early up here in the Great Frozen North.

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Gratuitous photo of a song sparrow on the thistle feeder…

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Weekend recap.

Friday: lake association boat parade and picnic. Some folks went all out for the festive decorations. Others took a more minimalist approach. I forgot to take photos of the picnic food until people had started to leave. I provided the … Continue reading

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Drive-by bullets.

Smokey continues to improve. Very, very slowly.   He googled "L5 fusion recovery" and found a site/BBS with posts from people with his same surgey and with recoveries that lasted weeks or months and who suffered from pain that he doesn't … Continue reading

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This was the Saturday activity for my friend Colleen, the county librarian and fellow knitter, and I. She picked me up at 10 am and we were off. First stop was Fibre Functions in rural Frederic, WI. (No website; link … Continue reading

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Sunday evening, the golden hour.

Our sky was slightly overcast today but it was a beautiful day nevertheless — perfect temp, light breeze. Heavenly, especially after the heat and humidity we suffered for several weeks. I knit on the deck for a good while this … Continue reading

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