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Throwback Thursday: story in pictures.

…and they all lived happily ever after. (The couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last November.)  

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A story of my lake.

Last weekend I got an email from a man who used to have a cabin on our lake. He sent the following anecdote to be published in our lake newsletter. He originally wrote it in a letter to his brother … Continue reading

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This song.

This song, let me tell you of it. Back in the days of my drug-addled youth I was at a party one Saturday night, sitting on the floor, taking my turn when the joint came around (Hey, anybody else remember … Continue reading

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Pro tip: count noses.

Smokey’s parents moved from Chicago to Palm Harbor FL after my FIL retired. We visited them for two weeks every Christmas; our boys never saw an actual white Christmas (Day) until they were 11 and 6. Generally, we drove the … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Christmas memories.

Warning: this is a bummer kind of post. If you don't want to get teary on Christmas Eve, please feel free to skip it. I just realized that it was exactly thirty-two years ago today that we got the phone … Continue reading

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A old story too good not to share.

If you are one of my relatives reading this, please know that the relative described here was from the other side of my family. Back in the mid-1980s I received a call that my mother’s brother had died.  She had … Continue reading

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Weekend recap, SF edition.

Smokey and I visited Elder Son in Sioux Falls this weekend. Did I tell you that is where he is doing his residency? He is two weeks into it and seems to be happy (yay!) No photos to share (boo!) … Continue reading

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Hippie chick.

An unsettling conversation happened at work last week. Let me tell you it. First, let me set the stage. My co-workers are all under 35, many well under 35. I could easily be their mother, even their grandmother. Sometimes the … Continue reading

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Knitter down.

I woke up this morning feeling what my father used to call "punk" — ouchies in the midsection. This was really too bad, as abdominal ouchies can generally be cured by a good long session in the bathroom. Not these, … Continue reading

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Mean: a post especially for Twin Cities area readers.

The Youth Performance Company is staging a play called Mean about how mean a kid's *friends* can be. Bullying, cruelty — all that crap. Remember being in grade school and/or junior high? You may have your own memories of that hell. … Continue reading

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