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Sunny Sunday!

Poison :: ivy. Las Vegas :: stars. Nanny :: -cam. Tablet :: computer. Trail :: Oregon. Innocent :: trail of the. Invited :: uninvited. Life :: torment. Tormented :: sad. Lousy :: lice. * * * * * The red … Continue reading

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On any given Sunday.

dead :: ringer bangs :: hair future :: imperfect holistic :: medicine circumstance :: beyond our control past :: future fan :: girl happened :: one night room :: -ful awful :: -ness * * * * * Last week … Continue reading

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Friday, no FO.

I did not sew the buttons on my Tappan Zee so no modeling today. No button sewing because SOCK YARN AFGHAN. I am obsessed. Here's a little somthing to tide you over. Even the chart wasn't enough. Now I can … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday, the sock yarn edition. Part 2.

Many thanks to Betsy and Donna for sharing their sock yarn leftovers with me. That is one heck of a lot of sock yarn, yo. The packages were waiting for me when we got back from vacation. I opened them … Continue reading

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That sock yarn afghan I mentioned t’other day.

Like many of us, I have entertained the fantasy of knitting an afghan from my sock yarn leftovers. I even started one a couple years ago but quickly discovered that there are significant gauge differences between the standard 75/25 superwash/nylon … Continue reading

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