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Wednesdays are for random.

This week YS is in Mexico City doing an install that absolutely positively had to be done before year-end. Last week he was in Chicago, so Ser Percival The Energetic has been with us since the Sunday before last. YS … Continue reading

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The story behind yesterday’s post.

I gather from the comments on yesterday’s post that some of you would like the back story, so here it is. Smokey likes to makes guacamole, and he got this in hopes it will keep the guacamole from turning dark. … Continue reading

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Hurrah! The heroin has arrived!

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Random on a Thursday.

This is what Google looks like on your birthday: * * * * * On my birthday: I┬ádid a good deed. ‘Nuf said. We went out to dinner. The┬árestaurant* we went to was near the theatre where we saw the … Continue reading

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And then we went to the North Shore.

The view from the tiny deck of our cabin. That's Lake Superior, if you cannot tell.   Our cabin.   The fire pit.  Why am I showing you a photo of the fire pit in the front yard of the … Continue reading

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A cautionary Thursday.

This is what happens when the cleaning lady puts a bag of trash in the can 2 days before the garbage truck comes. I left home @9:45 am the next day; this is what I found when I came home @ … Continue reading

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   We went to see Emo Phillips in concert at the St Croix Casino. Free show! We got there early. Great seats! Emo is Smokey's favorite comedian on the planet, so there was no way we would miss this show. … Continue reading

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The second annual Smokey-toys-with-death event*.

Let me preface this by saying that it is an accepted fact that the thing we dislike about someone is the opposite face of the thing we love about them. Case in point:  Smokey is tender-hearted about animals and has … Continue reading

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Email from the old folks’ home.

From Smokey: Lately I've gained a new appreciation for a '70s band called the Doobie Brothers, so I was delighted to read that they were coming to Minnesota for 4-day rock festival called Moondance Jam, near Park Rapids.  I went to … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!


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