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It’s what’s been happening.

It has been a long, l-o-n-g time since I blogged about what’s happening in my life. Let’s fix that. And now the big news (talk about burying the lede!) My Christmas present from Amanda: She said, “Turn it around.” She … Continue reading

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48 years and going strong (as of Wednesday).

Happy anniversary to us!

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Saturday stuff, 9/3/22.

Smokey, to me: Today I decided I needed some excitement in my life. So I put on my RIGHT shoe first.Me, to him: Oooh, good idea. I’m gonna try that, too! Younger Son did not get the six-figure job with … Continue reading

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Furry Friday, 6/24/22.

Remember, click to embiggen if you cannot read a caption. “Is Mommy mad at you?” Watch out for the cat! (caution: audio NSFW) Polar bears! In Greenland! Hoo boy, that’s a lot of cats! When the child thinks it is … Continue reading

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Any unemployed or retired nurses out there?

Smokey got this in his email. “If it weren’t for the fact that I do not have a California nursing license or the necessary skills I would consider this.” The above are screenshots. Here is the link if you are … Continue reading

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Sunday tales: moose.

Back in the day when Younger Son was even younger, we acquired a moose puppet that he named Bradley. Bradley J. Moose, if you are not into that brevity thing. (Name the source of that quote.) Bradley became a sort … Continue reading

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It’s Holy Week, aka deer hunting season, in Wisconsin.

Not being a hunter myself (much to my father’s dismay when he tried to take me rabbit hunting when I was about 11), I have no particular fondness for gun deer hunting. Bow hunting? At least in that season the … Continue reading

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Smokey in bullet form.

Smokey:  We are all set for our old age because what are the two things that old people have trouble with? Their health and their tech. We have one son who is a doctor and one who is a computer … Continue reading

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What we did on our autumn vacation.

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Lake Superior North Shore last week to celebrate our 47th anniversary. (Thanks for all your good wishes on Sunday’s post!) Following are moments preserved in photographs.

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47 years.

Smokey’s post on FB last week: “Our 47th wedding anniversary was October 19. I haven’t posted about it until now because we were holed up for 5 days in a 90 year-old rustic cabin on Lake Superior with our 3 … Continue reading

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