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He got his knee replaced and all he got was this lousy t-shirt.

Surgery was Tuesday, just like last time, and he came home on Thursday, just like last time. The difference is that this time the new knee hurts when he walks, but there is absolutely no pain when he is sitting … Continue reading

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A word on massagers.

First of all, get your minds out of the gutter. Ahem. Second, Smokey found this, in case anyone wants one more or less like his. Third, for =Tamar: how to apply pressure without straining arm muscles. He wedges hisĀ — against … Continue reading

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Gravity. Again.

The day Smokey had his surgery was a long one. We had to get up at 5am in order to get to the hospital in St Paul on time, then I stayed at the hospital all day until he was … Continue reading

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Knitting: a handy hobby.

Smokey has a massager similar to this except that his has a motor in the shaft so that the tip of the crook vibrates. He has been using it on his knee in a sort of acupressure-ish way to relieve … Continue reading

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Smokey update.

Smokey’s second try at knee replacement surgery went much better than the first one. The surgery was Tuesday morning. I spent the day at the hospital (United in St Paul, for those of you keeping score) knitting, surfing the net, … Continue reading

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I want to be elected! and stuff.

Yes, it is campaign time here in Polk County. I am running for my fourth two-year term on the county board of supervisors. This is not something that I talk about much here on the blog, but it is consuming … Continue reading

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Update 4. And stuff.

This is why Smokey's sternum and ribs are sore. Link shows the Lucas chest compression system, a device that can do chest compressions at a precise rate and pressure and eliminate the exhausting part of CPR. Smokey seems to have … Continue reading

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Smokey is being discharged this afternoon!

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Update 3.

photo credit: alonso.romero via photopin cc Yes, we are all smiling. Smokey is improving hourly, so much so that Younger Son went back to work today and only stopped in at the hospital during his lunch break, and Elder Son … Continue reading

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Update 2.

We are somewhere in this building. I have never seen this view because, unlike it looks in the photo, it is completely surrounded by other buildings, many much taller.  Things are progressing pretty much as well as we could hope. … Continue reading

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