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Words to live by.

 …especially when dealing with hedge fund K-1s. Here is my printout of the sign hanging by my desk (in a place where it is not immediately obvious to everyone walking by — never a good idea to broadcast one's ignorance … Continue reading

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Munday mutterings. On Thursday.

Tenure :: forever Baptism :: by fire Holders :: cards Irritation :: always Academics :: never again Mug :: coffee!!! Charge :: account Percent :: off Clears :: the hurdle Selfless :: devotion NOT Oops, I forgot to post this … Continue reading

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One night during Smokey's second stint in the hospital, two volunteers came 'round the unit. Both women were on the shady side of sixty-five, and one proudly announced that she was eighty-six. Their energy and enthusiasm and dedication to brightening … Continue reading

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Monday mutterings and an update.

View :: Room With A Yoga :: Pants Giggle :: snort Raider :: Lost Ark Summer :: Green Debt :: Out of Cleaning :: Yuck Sneakers :: Dirty Thwarted :: Plans Recipes :: For disaster Smokey the Bear update: He is … Continue reading

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Bing bang.

I brought Smokey Bear home from the hospital last night.  He was there for seven days. All week the lab results had indicated possible problems with his kidney function. (Elevated creatine level, thanks for asking.) Yesterday's lab was A-OK, thus … Continue reading

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I came across this article today. Given that Younger Son  could have been killed last Friday night when he was [sort-of] T-boned on his bike, the timing seemed apropos. How Not To Kill A Cyclist. Update on YS's condition: he was … Continue reading

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Bang, redux.

The second surgery on Friday went fine. Elder Son and I went to see Smokey on Saturday. He was much, much, much better. He will probably come home Monday or Tuesday. Our annual reservation at a campground on the North Shore starts … Continue reading

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Bullets. Elder Son is home for three weeks between summer session and fall semester at UMich. He finished med school in May and now will take a year to get a masters degree in epidemiology before he does his residency. … Continue reading

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Drive-by bullets.

Smokey continues to improve. Very, very slowly.   He googled "L5 fusion recovery" and found a site/BBS with posts from people with his same surgey and with recoveries that lasted weeks or months and who suffered from pain that he doesn't … Continue reading

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Yarn bomb!

Found here. The site says this is a bus in Mexico City, but the writing on the bus is either Korean or Japanese according to the comments. Nevertheless, it is an awesome yarn bomb. * * * * * Smokey … Continue reading

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