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Non-ranting and non-animal Tuesday.

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From my email.

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Mayday! Mayday!

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Corona humor.

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No rants today. Just some small town humor.

Sadly, meetings in my county are not this much fun, although there was that one back in the early aughts that was so contentious that the county attorney had to investigate to determine whether to file assault charges.

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‘Tis Peep season!

Getcher Peep humor here! More Peep humor!

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Drug bingo!

Posted on Facebook by my friend Jeff. We have been playing along since Christmas Eve but somehow do not have a bingo yet; we do have a couple columns/rows that need only one more. I think Jeff may watch different … Continue reading

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Cleaning off my desktop.

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Tidbits on a Tuesday.

Six little bits of good news about the coronavirus.      

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Many on a Thursday.

Still hide his grades… — Fomax1 (@fomax112) July 7, 2020

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