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Unraveled Wednesday.

Knitting: So many FOs to blog. I put them all on Ravelry a few days ago and discovered that the last time I added a project there was February. Time flies when you are having fun busy. Not that I haven’t … Continue reading

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Stuff in bullet form.

We are in Zuni, New Mexico, to visit Elder Son and family. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the photos from the 3-1/2 day drive to get here. A few highlights of my recent life: My car … Continue reading

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To the frog pond, part 2.

While I found myself in a frogging mood, I unraveled another thing that had been a WIP since at least November 2014. It is a little hard to tell from the photo, but the edge of the shawl was w-a-y … Continue reading

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Bits and bobs.

It was surprising to me how many readers have family stories that involve a stuffed animal. Ninlouise’s story made me LOL. I guess those fluffy little critters are really important to us. * * * * * I have kinda … Continue reading

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Another thing I didn’t knit.

Back in October when I told you about the knitting retreat/Lucy Neatby/double knitting, I left out an important part. The auction on Saturday night! Everyone brought a wrapped gift, which were all put on a table in the back of … Continue reading

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One more thing. No, two more things. Well, actually, three more things.

This was me at the rally yesterday. We librarians* stand with the teachers whose vocation was disparaged and attacked and made to seem the enemy by the incumbent. * Even former part-time librarians currently employed as tax accountants. * * … Continue reading

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Did I ever show you this?

After searching the blog it seems to me that I never showed you photos of Alex's lace shawl after it was blocked. How I could have forgotten to do this is a mystery, since this is a project of which … Continue reading

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Out of nowhere… the next project.

Interweave is offering a download of Knit Accessories 2009 for 10 cents until August 29. Never one to pass up a bargain, I jumped on that bad boy immediately. Paging through it just now, I came upon this little lace shawlette/scarfy thing. … Continue reading

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The home stretch.

This is the Shawl of Doom Loveliness being bound off. Only 300+ stitches to go…

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The lace saga continues.

  The lace shawl continues s-l-o-w-l-y. Back around row 45 I figured out how to read my knitting and felt very proud. I continued with great confidence – and care – but around row 55 or 60 I found that … Continue reading

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