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Knitting, reknitting, mending, frogging.

Toward the end of last year I made a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend from some llama yarn she had acquired. Her dog chewed one. I fixed it.  The fixed one looks a little different than the first … Continue reading

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Sunday random.

Voice :: activated. Counter :: sales. Marked :: man. Loving :: cuddle. Coat :: fur. Pounce :: cat. Dehydrate :: tomatoes. Desire :: in the elms. Concern :: related. Broth :: chicken. * * * * * Now for the … Continue reading

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Ser Percival The Energetic: an album.

We were a bit skeptical when Younger Son and then-gf announced they wanted to get a dog, specifically, a young pit bull they had found at the humane society. A pit bull? Really? But Percy has turned out to be … Continue reading

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More random.

Elizabeth asked in the comments yesterday whether our heating system couldn't be tweaked to get the maximum heat out of the available water flow. Yes, indeed, the guy who installed it has made at least a dozen trips here to … Continue reading

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Why, yes, the dogs had a nice New Year’s. too.

On Sunday Matthew came up to the lake for the day and brought along Ser Percival. Percy and Lucy and Misha, our new dog (more on her another day) romped through the house and play-tussled and and play-bowed and played … Continue reading

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That was Christmas.

We spent Christmas day with Alex and Matthew. It was delightful to see them hosting the gathering of our little family. They had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the day — food (tossed salad and pad … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday.

Still working on the dog sweater for Ser Perival The Energetic. I am at the part between front legs and neck and need to try it on him again to figure out the shaping. . Frogged the first Kill Bill … Continue reading

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