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Commenters, step forward!

My stats say that this blog gets 75 – 100 page views every day. But I get five comments per post, tops. Perhaps it's my subject matter? On the rare occasional that I blog about knitting, the comment count rises … Continue reading

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It was 20 40 years ago today!

(Listen to it twice. PRESTO! 40 years.)   So we celebrated. I got out our wedding album, and we and Younger Son looked at the pictures of the day. Then we listened to Billy Idol singing White Wedding while we ate our … Continue reading

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What did you knit on your road trip, Katâ„¢?

I started the Ann Arbor/New York trip with: a second sock OTN: the linen stitch scarf OTN: a cake of yarn for a second cowl like this one. In a fit of unbridled optimism I also brought along the Fairfield … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday.

Here we have the linen stitch scarf as it existed on Monday afternoon. You may be surprised at how little it has grown since last you gazed upon it. This is because I frogged the @#^#$% thing and started over. … Continue reading

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Springing Sunday.

As usual, first you get the mutterings. Steady :: boyfriend. Sleep :: deprived. Thumb :: and forefinger. Straighten :: up. Wake up! :: NO! Diminish ::  -ing returns. Scarred :: for life. Horn :: of plenty. Pace :: car. Correspondence … Continue reading

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Sunday as usual.

Shame :: anguish. Business :: as usual. Cats :: yes! Green :: Green Party. Politics :: sooo tired of. Boston :: driving. Healthy :: as a horse. Pint :: ale. Owner :: car. Sorrow :: sad. * * * * … Continue reading

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Mondays are for blocking. And scarves.

Actually, last Tuesday was for blocking. But who's counting? You have seen both of these before. The scarf at left is for the Red Scarf Project. The one at right is for me and has a sort-of matching hat (same … Continue reading

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Summer knitting, cont., aka FO Friday.

Before I went into the hospital I decided I needed to take along some comfort knitting. My other projects were all at a stage where they required thought and/or concentration — not suitable for hospital knitting under the infuence of … Continue reading

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FO Friday.

I finished a hat and scarf set for myself. Color is off in this photo, but I couldn't fix it without making my desk look even more overgrown with moss than it already is. (see next two photos) Pattern: Sideways … Continue reading

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Muttering through Mother’s Day.

537 :: is more than 400 Horizon :: line. Episode :: seizure. Character :: -driven. Crossed :: town bus. Shipping :: charges. Jump :: Whoopee Goldberg. Bowling :: Lebowski. Grumpy :: Old Men. Them :: Us.   I celebrated my … Continue reading

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