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Local humor.

Sleetwood Mac, Beyonsleigh, Optimus Brine.

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Vell, yah, ve got some snow der.

That monster storm that has created (and is still creating) gave us some snow, too. Before he could begin to plow out the cars, he had to remove a monster branch from the driveway. Sorry, no picture of that. I … Continue reading

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The great mosquito hack of 2022.

df df Here is an easy way to reduce or eliminate mosquitoes in your yard and garden without harming bees, other beneficial insects, pets, or wildlife. And without slathering yourself with DEET. I read about it here. She has links … Continue reading

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Many things on Thursday.

I have realized that updating my coronavirus spreadsheet every day is an unconscious effort to maintain control over the situation in some small way. I continue to have the same low-level depression that pretty much everyone has this year; in … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday, 7/8/20.

Linking up with Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. Knitting. While I was taking the photo above, the hummingbirds were busy on our feeders. Even the loons got into the act. Turn up the sound and enjoy! x Reading. x … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday.

I was knitting on the deck one June day in 2007 and kept hearing splashing down at the lake’s edge. “It’s just the dogs,” I thought. But it continued and eventually I got curious. June is apparently snapping turtle mating … Continue reading

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Get out, damned spot mice!

That, my friends, is the nest that mice built in the heater box of my car while it was parked for several week when we were hunkering down at home. Smokey has been working on and off for the past … Continue reading

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Last parade of the season!

Remember back in January 2018 when there was a special election for a state senate seat in Wisconsin? And remember how when the Democrat candidate won, it made the national news and started the murmurs about a Blue Wave? The … Continue reading

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Chewy customers, beware!

Happily,  this was NOT our delivery nor our porch.

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A couple years ago I went to the 50th reunion of my class. Not my high school class; we left the village pictured before in the summer before my tenth grade year. Before the actual reunion Smokey and I drove … Continue reading

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