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Tidbits on Thursday.

I hate to be cynical (not), but this bit from a regional online newspaper made me happy: States with Republican governors are projected to have a greater increase in fatalities than those with Democratic governors, according to a new Yahoo … Continue reading

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From today’s email.

Subject: Irish Times Op Ed Irish Times April 25, 2020 By Fintan O’Toole THE WORLD HAS LOVED, HATED AND ENVIED THE U.S. NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, WE PITY IT “Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred … Continue reading

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Coronavirus day something-or-other.

What day is it today? I just shot down a conspiracy theory that claimed that 5G networks produced the coronavirus. Someone posted a 30-minute video on my Facebook Messenger feed that *proved* it was true. (I am not going to … Continue reading

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Welcome me back to the land of the living.

Yes, that is an overstatement. But it is how I feel after 4-1/2 days in bed coughing up a lung — no mean accomplishment, given that it was a dry cough — and peeing my pants every.damned.time. It is the … Continue reading

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Ravelry on … Stephen Colbert?

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A quickie about white fragility.

K sent me a link to the original, 2011 journal article. The reading is a bit heavy going given that it is an academic journal article. I just requested the 169-page book from 2018 from the library. Happily, I will … Continue reading

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Universe pooping, continued.

Just in case you don’t remember all the ways in which the universe has pooped on us in the past month, here is a recap. Well pump no longer supplies enough water for both the geothermal HVAC and the household … Continue reading

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Racism, overt and subtle, in the fiber community.

Yes, today is two-post day. Sometimes I just cannot STFU. There has been an ongoing conversation for the past few weeks on social media — I followed it on Instagram — about the racism in, or more specifically, the non-welcoming … Continue reading

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More IG of various sorts.

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3 6TT.

Three things I like about the holiday season: The lights. Here in the dark and frozen North, anything with lights is welcome. The festive feeling. Sadly, I find very little of that feeling welling up inside me. It’s not that … Continue reading

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