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Feeling a little ranty.

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Ranty Sunday.

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I am versatile. I can rant on a Monday, too.

Election Day is actually Tuesday, October 20. Wear your dang mask.

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If it is Thursday, I may just rant for awhile.

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A wee rant.

Posted on FB by a fellow Jeopardy contestant: If you vote in a swing state, check first to see if the Secretary of State is a Democrat — and if they count the mail-in ballots before Election Day. If the … Continue reading

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Saturday rants.

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It’s Thursday. Time for some rants.

But before the rants, here are the WaPo’s recommendations for what to look for in a mask. You probably already know most of this because you are smart and well-informed, but just in case… “So, we’re not going to recommend … Continue reading

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Links, schminks.

The endings have changed.

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Let’s do some rants for a change.

FIRST THINGS FIRST. SAVE THE POSTAL SERVICE. Here is what I wrote to them: The post office is a service established in the US Constitution. It is abominable that the president and his Postmaster General appointee are doing their best to … Continue reading

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Actual corona news, plus actual rants.

How do the different types of face masks compare? Mask with exhalation valve = a no-no. On a scale of 1 to 10, how risky are different activities? And the rants continue…  

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