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Rants, various.

Talking out of both sides of their mouths. Click the video.

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Ranting on a Monday. (I couldn’t wait until Thursday.)

If you can’t watch the video — and you definitely should — here is what the NYT said about it.

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It’s Thursday. Time to rant.

This is how democracy dies. Editor’s (TheKat™) note: This may well be the dying moment of Thursday rants. As I said a few Thursdays ago, it is tough to find rants with a functioning adult in the White House. Fiber … Continue reading

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Ranting at a distance.

I am University Hospital in Minneapolis today for an endoscopy with ultrasound. This will be my third such procedure since April, all in an effort to figure out what is happening in my stomach and small intestine. This should be … Continue reading

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It is getting a little harder to rant, what with a functioning human in the White House.

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Ranting at a distance.

I have a small personal rant to lead off here. We were supposed to be camping in the mini-mini-motorhome on the North Shore of Lake Superior this week. We left on Monday after packing everything we would need and headed … Continue reading

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A Thursday rant.

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I’ve been storing up rants just for today.

Comment: Personally, I hate both of these adages. IMO, life is random; there is no overarching intelligence arranging things. Comment: if your employees can make more money staying home and collecting unemployment than they can working for you, perhaps you … Continue reading

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Ranty rants.

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Rants (and things that make me say, “Hmm…”)

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