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A tale of two elections.

Back in 2016, I and others staffed the county Democratic party office. Besides distributing signs for various local and state candidates, we got 50 Hillary signs and gave out the last one the day before the election. Things are different … Continue reading

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Political ads have taken over my Instagram.

Funnily enough, they are all for Democrats…

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Why, yes, we did elect a liberal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Smokey and I were watching tv on Monday evening when he suddenly announced, “Karofsky won!” He keeps one of his Chromebooks on the little table in front of his recliner* and was checking election results during the commercials. Even Judge … Continue reading

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Three (and lots more) on Thursday.

Skip ahead to 45:42 to hear Amnah Nawaz’s interview with our lieutenant governor. “Grow up and do your damn job!” Aside: Does anyone else turn their head sideways and try to read the titles on the books in the background … Continue reading

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It’s Wednesday. Do you know where your face mask is?

Photos of voting in Wisconsin during the pandemic. Watch Al Franken draw the United States. I want New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to be our president. NPR has been making book recommendations since 2003. The toilet paper shortage explained. … Continue reading

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Coronavirus day something-or-other.

What day is it today? I just shot down a conspiracy theory that claimed that 5G networks produced the coronavirus. Someone posted a 30-minute video on my Facebook Messenger feed that *proved* it was true. (I am not going to … Continue reading

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So it’s not really Easter today? (Or yesterday?)

Sorry about that Happy Easter post yesterday. Clearly, I did not look closely enough at the calendar when I scheduled it. Elder Son called on Saturday. No big changes there. Fifty-five confirmed cases and four deaths in his county, which … Continue reading

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So, I went to the state Democratic convention.

There were representatives from several of the presidential candidates. There was also at least one future Dem.   Fun facts to know and tell about Wisconsin:

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Yay, me!

I spent Friday night and Saturday at my congressional district Democratic convention. I will not bore you with all the details, except to say that my team of candidates — which included me running for treasurer — swept the ticket. … Continue reading

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