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Stuff in bullet form.

We are in Zuni, New Mexico, to visit Elder Son and family. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the photos from the 3-1/2 day drive to get here. A few highlights of my recent life: My car … Continue reading

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And now, for something completely different.

All found on the Facebook timeline of Sandy and Richard Ricardi.

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The irony, it burns.

Washington Post, I am disappointed in you. This morning I was perusing photos of yesterday’s march on the WaPo site. One of the semi-annoying features of such a slideshow is that every six or eight screens is an ad for … Continue reading

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Inauguration day.

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Escapist fantasy #3.

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Badass grrls are everywhere.


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Scattered thought and occurrences. (Apropos of this post title) We liberals are gonna feel pretty damned silly when we realize that the only people with guns are the while supremicists. I was almost a part of history, but my schedule … Continue reading

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Unsure how to go forward.

I am a bit torn about the blog today, and probably for a few more days. Do I write about what is in my head and heart and in yours, too? Or do I resume knit blogging as though life … Continue reading

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Crushing sadness and a nugget of rage.

From a Facebook post by a long-time internet friend: Most of us wanted change, but we had entirely different understandings of what needed to be changed, and how it should be changed. And I’m wondering what kind of change we … Continue reading

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Don’t be the wolf. Or the lamb.

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” — Benjamin Franklin Be the eagle.    

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