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Poor kitteh. A two-fer Friday.

This is kinda how our newest kitty, Jonesy, looked sometime after midnight last Friday. She made the mistake of walking on the big lump under the bedclothes… which happened to be Percy the pit bull. We know he doesn’t like … Continue reading

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What’s happening? Not much.

Not much to say, but I feel like I should post something. I have learned from experience, however, that if I have photos the post(s) write themselves. Here goes… Elder Son and GF have unpacked nearly all their books. That … Continue reading

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Bombing in progress on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis.


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Wednesdays are for random.

This week YS is in Mexico City doing an install that absolutely positively had to be done before year-end. Last week he was in Chicago, so Ser Percival The Energetic has been with us since the Sunday before last. YS … Continue reading

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Sunday and a DST rant.

Partner :: spouse. Villain :: bad guy. Signature :: Needles. Duh. Homespun :: yarn. x2. Ultimate :: quest. Don’t! :: do it! Musical :: comedy. Candor :: Voltaire. Oh, wait. That's Candide, right? Terrified :: of rats. Virus :: computer. … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday!

Poison :: ivy. Las Vegas :: stars. Nanny :: -cam. Tablet :: computer. Trail :: Oregon. Innocent :: trail of the. Invited :: uninvited. Life :: torment. Tormented :: sad. Lousy :: lice. * * * * * The red … Continue reading

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Fun with Ser Percy.

Percy thinks he is a lap dog.   Ser Percy gets ready for Halloween. Let's take a closer look at those glam paws, shall we?

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It’s Sunday!

Mutterings. Untraceable :: Witness Protection Program. Senator :: Humphrey. Humongous :: gigunda. Drinks :: Mai tais. Ringing :: in the ears. Overloaded :: potato. Annoyed :: buzzing. Blondie :: Sunday funnies. Suits :: FBI. Deadly :: serious. * * * … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday.

Mutterings. Latch :: door. Standard :: grade. 60 :: percent Maple :: syrup. Final :: exam. Bickering :: The Bickersons. Diner :: eggs. Nasty :: smell. Ohhh! :: Uh oh! Leeches :: bait. Why, yes, I did grow up in … Continue reading

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Sunday random (as usual).

First, the weekly mutterings. Weird :: Al (Jankovich). Balance :: ballet. Personal :: best. Reproduction :: copying. Distraction :: ADD. Articulate :: artichoke. Shovel :: grave. Column :: numbers. Hey, I am an accountant, remember? Drastic :: action. Bombastic :: … Continue reading

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