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I haven’t done one of these in forever.

Mutterings. Cheap :: Sunglasses. Brace :: “Take a — !” Delicate :: Jewelry. Era :: Gilded. Naked :: …as a jaybird. Bad TV :: Sitcoms. Gift :: Generous. Forgive :: …and forget. Staple :: Flour and sugar. Last :: Tango … Continue reading

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Sunday random.

Waste :: excess. Excess :: baggage. Play :: -book. Heartbreak :: Hotel. Purchase :: ebook. Fear :: Aggression. Ages 2+ :: toddlers. Conform :: clay. Reduced :: calorie. Change :: the oil. * * * * * Younger Son's new … Continue reading

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Sunday, silly — and random — Sunday.

I started this post several weeks ago. You get to read my Unconscious Mutterings (or not) as I catch up. Language :: teacher. Obvious :: -ly. Skull :: -duggery. Insidious :: sneaky. Struggle:: class warfare. Unspeakable :: mysteries. Orchid :: … Continue reading

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Navel and foot gazing.

Note :: -worthy. 2015 :: year of the cat. Earlobe :: pierced. Sunburn :: ouch. Hashtag :: #. Special :: snowflake. Spacious :: loft. Happening :: now. Blank :: page. Humid :: summer. * * * * * I added … Continue reading

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Mutterings. And new socks.

You lucky people, you get to read twice as many of my mutterings this week. Please contain your enthusiasm. Stuck :: in the elevator. Elevator :: stuck (see above). Vaccine :: measles, mumps, rubella. Pepsi :: yuk. Give me Coke … Continue reading

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Mutterings on a Sunday. And yarn and yo-yos.

Fantasy :: land. Square one :: beginning. Impostors :: fakers. Hydrate :: drink! Card :: games. Respects :: pay your. Big city :: bright lights. Alert :: DefCon 5. Scrabble :: game. Neighborhood :: These are the people in your. … Continue reading

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Q: How long has it been since I did a post on Sunday Wenesday?

A: Roughly… forever. Yes, I wrote this on Sunday, but Typepad locked up and I walked away and didn't get back to it until Monday. When the knit links post went up. So you get this on Tuesday  Wednesday. Please … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday!

Fish:: eyes. Dreaming :: love. Living :: dying. Expectations :: unmet. Mug :: china. Jacket :: denim. Bowl :: pipe. Confession :: true. Socks :: hand-knit. Duh. Tank :: top. * * * * * Things are a-changin' in our … Continue reading

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If this is Sunday, it must time for another parade.

This was our group in the last parade. Lady in light blue shirt is Kelly Westlund, running for Congress from our district. Gonna drive in the Lucky Days parade this afternoon. Got a big bowl of candy to throw to the … Continue reading

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Random because I am lame.

I haven't done the mutterings for awhile. Onion :: cry. Greek :: salad. Construct :: -ion. Crunch :: time. Bottom :: feeder. Cream :: cheese. Slamming :: crowd-surfing. Jerk :: chicken. I seem to have food on the mind this … Continue reading

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