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Tina Turner enters heaven.

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This and that.

None of these were enough for a full post, so I aggregated them here. ===== I almost (almost) miss the early days of the pandemic. Remember how people teamed up across the country to serenade us? (Just the YouTube video; … Continue reading

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Today’s earworm.

I’m Still Standing / Elton John. This has been on repeat in my head for days. Occasionally another song will supplant it, but only for a few hours. Then it is back to “I’m still standing’ | Looking’ like a … Continue reading

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Musical taste.

Take note of this line in the lyrics: “Some of the hymns that they sing have nice chords but the lyrics are dodgy” Keeping that sentiment in mind, listen to this: I am not religious (you may have guessed that … Continue reading

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x And the coronavirus pandemic and associated quarantine go on…    

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Top-ups on Tuesday.

┬áNo, I have no idea what that post title means. I was just looking for some Tuesday alliterations. Do you know the cellist Zoe Keating? I first heard her music on RadioLab several-many years ago. She makes amazing songs with … Continue reading

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Music to comfort the soul.

Instagram gets into the act, too. (That is four separate links, btw.) Lots more. “Nashville has a deep talent pool when it comes to singers.” Mason-Dixon Knitting started me on this quest for music, Thank you, Ann and Kay!

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Friday funnies. And music.

      Re-creating great works of art at home. Samuel L. Jackson: “Stay the f*** at home!” Let’s remember which companies acted responsibly and humanely during this pandemic and which ones did not. Happily, it appears that more companies … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday, 4/11/19.

I love this song. It always gets my foot a-tappin’!

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This song.

This song, let me tell you of it. Back in the days of my drug-addled youth I was at a party one Saturday night, sitting on the floor, taking my turn when the joint came around (Hey, anybody else remember … Continue reading

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