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Mutterings on a Monday.

Packing :: road trip! Rent :: lease. Inspire :: knitting. Anti-social :: behavior Common :: goals. Repeats :: lots. Dracula :: Count. Cross :: -eyed Short sighted :: myopic. Corrupt :: officials. (Sigh.) * * * * * I have … Continue reading

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Mutterings, knitting, cars, computers. And stuff.

Interests :: varied. Bloom :: Harold. Ceiling :: sky. Tears :: roses. Jerk :: chicken. Weight :: free. Friends :: many. Camera :: lens. Chicken :: jerk. Hose :: garden. * * * * * Other items OTN. A couple … Continue reading

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Wyoming bullets.

Yes, we are in Wyoming on vacation. Bullet post seems appropriate. We got a late start. Mechanic didn't deliver mini-mini-motorhome (Rebuild transmission! Make a/c work!) until the day we were supposed to leave. . A number of things remained for … Continue reading

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We have had our share of car troubles this year. I won't bore you with all of them right now, just the one that led to some knitting. When Smokey and I were driving home from our Temperance River camping … Continue reading

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Two words.

ROAD TRIP! Yes, indeedy, the day of our departure on the annual quasi-pseudo-camping vacation approaches. A couple weeks ago Our Man Lennie replaced the transmission in the $750 mini-motorhome, and last week one of Lennie's Minions painted it. (When you … Continue reading

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Random Friday.

I found myself thinking in bullet points on Thursday afternoon, which led me to this post. Of course, once I started typing, the individual bullet points got longer. As #1 Son says of himself, I can't even say hello in … Continue reading

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2009: That was the year that was.

January. Well, there was this (bad). And there was this (good) (from left, Wendy, me, Chris, and Susan). On the knitting front:   February. Good intentions.   Snow and cold. Knitting: March. Winter melted away. Knitting. April. Spring arrived in … Continue reading

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