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My year in knitting, with a bit of crochet thrown in for variety.

Potholders, two.   Fingerless mitts, four pairs.   Mittens, one pair.   Socks, one pair.   Dead baby buntings, several.   Stump covers, two.   Hats, lots.   Cowls, one.   Scarves, one.   Sweaters, zero.   Afghans, one.   … Continue reading

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Knitter up! And, no good deed goes unpunished.

I am pleased to report that time and [nearly] a week of not knitting has largely cleared up my thumb joint issue. Can I get a big HURRAH! Although I had declared myself to be a non-knitter for a week, … Continue reading

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FO Friday: knitting for others.

It is time for the annual warm clothing drive in our county. Actually, since the drive is sponsored by the state department of tourism, it is probably state-wide. Wisconsin can get cold, yo. Yarn:¬†Fingerlakes Woolen Mill 2-Ply Soft Wool (worsted) … Continue reading

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Whew! That was a lot of knitting.

On Monday I delivered my donated knitting, plus a few other items of warm clothing, to the local drive. There were five hats, one scarf, two pairs of mittens, and two pairs of fingerless mitts. Now I can get back … Continue reading

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What I knit in 2013.

Hover over the photos to see the comments. Twelve squares.   Five baby bibs.      Four pairs of socks.*       Four pairs fingerless gloves of varying lengths.       Four hats.     Four dishcloths.   … Continue reading

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What’s on the needles.

I finished a pair of socks a week or two ago. Yarn: Trekking XXL in some unknown colorway which never made it into my stash page on Ravelry. label is long gone. the creatively named "100". The red is Lang Jawolle, … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: the mitten progresseth.

Crappy iPod photo. Actual colors are darker. Very conservative and boring mitten. Perfect.

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Sunday stuff.

Complications :: from surgery. Bell :: toll. Sunshine :: on my shoulders. Laundry :: room. Grumpy :: Doc (also Sneezy, Dopey, et al) Throat :: strep. Vitamin :: C. Tell :: all. Potent :: omen. (Wait. Omen is like portent, … Continue reading

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WIP (and FO) Wednesday.

Do I still knit? Why, yes, thanks for asking. I finished a pair of socks a few weeks ago. Yarn: Regia Galaxy Color, purchased at Camas Creek Yarn in Kalispell MT when we went to Glacier National Park a couple … Continue reading

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Thing #4. And the beginnings of Thing #5.

   Yarn: Noro Silk Garden #271 and 279, about 1/2 skein each.Needle: US#7. Or maybe it was a #6. Or maybe I did the ribbing on #5 and switched to a #6 or a #7 for the stockinette. Anyone? Bueller?Pattern: … Continue reading

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