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Misha alerts!

As I was making breakfast in the kitchen this morning, Misha The Formerly Very Shy Dog shot out of the bedroom and raced to the front door, barking her fool head off, as she is wont to do. Of course, … Continue reading

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Spring, er, summer!

The dogs had their annual trip to the vet for their heartworm tests and any needed vaccinations. Both dogs are healthy (yay!) but overweight (boo, hiss!) Misha, a coupla pounds; Milady, a lot. We need more and longer daily walks! … Continue reading

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I love you, I just don’t love some of the things you do.

Remember Misha The Formerly Shy Dog? She continues to become ever more the quintessential family pet. But she is still very skittish about anyone other than Smokey or I, and she demonstrates that skittishness by barking. And barking. And barking … Continue reading

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Let’s do some bullets.

Younger Son was scheduled to be on a two-week business trip to Italy over Thanksgiving, so we decided to go to Sioux Falls to see Elder Son for the holiday. YS’s trip was postponed, so he went with us. Fun … Continue reading

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This, that, and a few other things.

I am currently in the midst of a yarn-caking drive. Every skein, no matter what kind, is gonna be wound into a center-pull cake.  Because I say so, that's why. I prefer knitting from my own center-pull cakes to knitting … Continue reading

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If this is April, I am doing our taxes. And taking iPhone photos.

Yes, like many of you, I am doing our taxes. This is the first time in years I haven't had to extend them because I was way too busy in March and April to do them. Retirement is sweet. Beverage … Continue reading

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Random Wednesday.

Last night (Tuesday) I saw an acquaintance at a meeting. He had had a hip replacement the previous Wednesday and was out and about, no walker, just walking with 2 canes. Sheesh! I did not even venture out of the … Continue reading

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Misha. A long read.

Back in late December 2011, we got a new dog. Our senior dog, Bear, had died (at 17! miraculously old for an 80-pound dog) in January of that year, and Smokey had been haunting PetFinders ever since, looking for the … Continue reading

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This dog, she has nine lives.

I haven't posted much about our newest dog, Misha. She was a rescue dog that we adopted last December. She and 19 other dogs had been saved from being put down at a shelter in Ohio by some folks in … Continue reading

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