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I’m baaack! Sort of…

Blog silence has reigned for… ::consults list of published posts:: …a long time. Life got in the way. Nothing bad, no one has died, but I seem to have a plethora (one of my favorite words!) of URGENT! MUST DO … Continue reading

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Weekend fun in excruciating detail.

(Found this in my drafts folder. I hate to waste a blog post, so here it is…five months later.) Well, that was an eventful weekend. It all started Saturday morning when I woke up. Percy the pit bull, who likes … Continue reading

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A scary tale.

A good friend was bitten last week by a brown recluse spider. She did not suffer the relatively-rare-but-widely-publicized necrotizing effects of the spider’s toxin; however, she did feel poorly enough to see a doctor. She thinks the spider was in … Continue reading

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The story of linen.

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Money, money, money

Sometimes spending money is fun — buying yarn, going on a vacation, upgrading your phone. But when money is spent simply to maintain the status quo? Not so much fun. Case in point: we are emptying the checking account and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! (in bullet form)

If you are an occasional slob like me, you probably have had to trash shirts because of a grease spot smack in the middle of the front. A friend recently clued me in on how to get rid of such … Continue reading

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Stuff in bullet form

I am a bit slow. It just occurred to me that if next year we got rid of Pence, then immediately impeached Trump, Nancy Pelosi — or her successor — would be president. How about that? Smokey and I were … Continue reading

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A tribute to veterans.

The best tribute to veterans I have ever read, by a community college instructor.

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PSA regarding The Wedding

If you are like me, you were annoyed that the mainstream media played only snippets of That Choir at The Wedding. Here ya go! Also, if by some remote chance you have not heard Bishop Curry’s sermon, you really should.

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An easy knock-off post.

Compassionknit’s ten questions: *Have you had a hostess cupcake knock off? There are knock offs? *Have you heard of rolled ice cream?  (Thai origin?) Nope. I live in the hinterlands. The nearest Thai food of any type is a good 50 miles … Continue reading

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