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More of my life in bullet form.

My computer refused to boot up a few days ago. I checked all the plugs — no joy. I had to resort to my old MacBook Air; it is so slow that everything seems to take twice as long. I … Continue reading

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Stuff on a Tuesday.

I have had a sore throat for nearly two weeks. No other symptoms, so I am chalking it up to allergies because I have been sneezing as though I just inhaled a bushel of ragweed pollen. Genius move: I started … Continue reading

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Cleaning off my desktop.

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Blather in bullet form.

I am still using up the spiral bound notebooks from my kids’ school days. Note: said *kids* are now 35 and 31, respectively. Given the size of the remaining stack, I have attained S.A.B.L.E. notebook status. I realized today that … Continue reading

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Let’s tour our bathroom, m’kay?

One day last week Smokey and I were lying on his bed playing Boggle when suddenly there was a crash from the bathroom. The wall cabinet had fallen off its hangers, apparently because one more dust mote settled on it, … Continue reading

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I want a cake just like Ellie’s!

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Have you noticed some deficiencies in the USPS lately? I kinda sorta thought I noticed it, then Amy Singer of Knitty said this in a Patreon email: “When the pandemic hit, I realized that mailing stuff to you wasn’t so … Continue reading

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This, that, and the other. And a contest.

We went out on Thursday to run errands. We went to… The bank to make a deposit The co-op for bread flour. The post office for stamps and to mail a very belated Christmas present. The library to return books … Continue reading

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More news in brief.

I now know the risk factors for having a more severe case of covid-19. Diabetes and high blood pressure, plus being a man. As Smokey said when I told him, There’s a target on my back, right? Apparently eczema is … Continue reading

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The news in brief.

There are three what appear to be yearling trumpeter swans cruising the open water on our lake. I don’t remember ever seeing trumpeters before. Also one Canada goose. Have seen way too many of those over the years. Far too … Continue reading

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