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PSA to my Facebook friends.

Do not respond to a Facebook request purportedly from me. My account was hacked yesterday. New, extremely long and random password today. Hope that solves the problem. Sorry.

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Let’s talk minutiae.

Not enough for an actual blog post (which I hardly ever do any more) but some things that have happened. I have created a beverage that is tasty (to me), low- or no-calorie, and quenches my dry mouth, It is … Continue reading

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Saturday stuff.

Only in Wisconsin. (The only state with people dumb enough to venture out on the rotten ice.) (Yes, that could include my husband, but his excuse was that he was rescuing the dog.) 1969.

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Saturday fun.

Watch to the end. The third one was amazing.

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More of my life in bullet form.

My computer refused to boot up a few days ago. I checked all the plugs — no joy. I had to resort to my old MacBook Air; it is so slow that everything seems to take twice as long. I … Continue reading

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Stuff on a Tuesday.

I have had a sore throat for nearly two weeks. No other symptoms, so I am chalking it up to allergies because I have been sneezing as though I just inhaled a bushel of ragweed pollen. Genius move: I started … Continue reading

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Cleaning off my desktop.

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Blather in bullet form.

I am still using up the spiral bound notebooks from my kids’ school days. Note: said *kids* are now 35 and 31, respectively. Given the size of the remaining stack, I have attained S.A.B.L.E. notebook status. I realized today that … Continue reading

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Let’s tour our bathroom, m’kay?

One day last week Smokey and I were lying on his bed playing Boggle when suddenly there was a crash from the bathroom. The wall cabinet had fallen off its hangers, apparently because one more dust mote settled on it, … Continue reading

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I want a cake just like Ellie’s!

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