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A tale of too much yarn and other unfortunate events.

DATE MILES 2008 -12-31 27 2013-01-13 64.5 2015-01-11 88.8 2020-06-28 81.8 2022-12-14 83.6 I believe this qualifies — sadly — as S.A.B.L.E In my defense, nearly 5,000 yards of that is in an afghan that is 90% done. And another … Continue reading

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Apparently he did not inherit my mild claustrophobia.

* The distance from University + Fairview to the Mississippi River is about a mile as the crow flies rat tunnels. Unless he started where the Mississippi passes by downtown St Paul; then it is closer to 4 miles. Happily … Continue reading

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Saturday stuff, 9/3/22.

Smokey, to me: Today I decided I needed some excitement in my life. So I put on my RIGHT shoe first.Me, to him: Oooh, good idea. I’m gonna try that, too! Younger Son did not get the six-figure job with … Continue reading

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Anti-rants, aka Good News Tuesday, 8/30/22. Also, update.

Fighting invasive species, one plant at a time. Need to focus in a noisy environment/calm down/relax/sleep? Here are sounds to help. Life continues here. The wretchedly hot weather left about a week ago, but the humidity lingers. Right now it … Continue reading

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Sunday tales: moose.

Back in the day when Younger Son was even younger, we acquired a moose puppet that he named Bradley. Bradley J. Moose, if you are not into that brevity thing. (Name the source of that quote.) Bradley became a sort … Continue reading

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Stuff on a Thursday. And some rants. But rants in a different key.

Younger Son is all signed up to be a poll worker in Minneapolis at the August 11 primary, plus the November 3 general election. I am not signed up to be a poll worker, unlike pretty much every election since … Continue reading

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Things on a Thursday.

First of all, have you heard about Umbrella Man*? The St Paul police have issued a warrant this week for his arrest but have not named him as of this writing, UM made an appearance on this very blog back … Continue reading

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Suddenly Sunday (again).

This past week was the third anniversary of Milady joining our pack. She is such a happy and chill dog (except during thunderstorms, 4th of July, and hunting season). In spite of being chill, however, she is the alpha dog … Continue reading

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Non-typical Tuesday.

I struggled with what I wanted to post today. On one hand is the coronavirus, which has been occupying this blog since March 9. On the other is the murder of George Floyd and the righteous anger, non-righteous destruction, and … Continue reading

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Bombing the yarn.

Yarn bomb! “Came for the sex weasels, stayed for the birds in teeny sweaters…” x There is compassion and generosity in Minneapolis. Click through to see the diaper mountain: The scale of giving in Minneapolis right now – with basically … Continue reading

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