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Good-bye, old friend.

Lucy has been failing for the past month or so — increasing difficulty in jumping onto the bed; several trips to the vet for recurrent diarrhea; loss of appetite to the point where she wasn’t interested in the canned dog … Continue reading

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This, that, and a few other things.

I am currently in the midst of a yarn-caking drive. Every skein, no matter what kind, is gonna be wound into a center-pull cake.  Because I say so, that's why. I prefer knitting from my own center-pull cakes to knitting … Continue reading

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The second annual Smokey-toys-with-death event*.

Let me preface this by saying that it is an accepted fact that the thing we dislike about someone is the opposite face of the thing we love about them. Case in point:  Smokey is tender-hearted about animals and has … Continue reading

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An amazing discovery/invention.

I put my socks under the sleeping dog* this morning while I got dressed. When I put them on my feet, they were warm. Ahhh. I plan to do this every morning from now until the temps reach 70˚. Sometime … Continue reading

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My week. Let me tell you it.

Taxes :: Death. Deter :: Avoid Regret :: Nothing. Consume :: Everything. 1600 :: Calories/day. Retire :: Yay! Console :: TV. Property :: taxes. Return :: Of The Vampire. Where did that come from? Laughter :: Best Medicine. * * … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday!

Poison :: ivy. Las Vegas :: stars. Nanny :: -cam. Tablet :: computer. Trail :: Oregon. Innocent :: trail of the. Invited :: uninvited. Life :: torment. Tormented :: sad. Lousy :: lice. * * * * * The red … Continue reading

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Misha. A long read.

Back in late December 2011, we got a new dog. Our senior dog, Bear, had died (at 17! miraculously old for an 80-pound dog) in January of that year, and Smokey had been haunting PetFinders ever since, looking for the … Continue reading

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