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Saturday stuff, 6/4/22.

This should have been posted on April 1. But it will be counted as taxable income by the IRS. This makes me happy! We haven’t looked out others’ windows for awhile. as Separated at birth…? (I expect you to recognize … Continue reading

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Saturday stuff.

Scientists have sequenced the entire human genome.

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Saturday stuff.

MLK’s words. Thanks to Kat for the link. Oatmeal Matt on creativity. Smokey, when we were discussing how long the dogs should be outside / whether the power company would turn off the interruptible electricity, which powers our well pump … Continue reading

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Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

The people who turned in their parents for their role in the Capitol attack. I have decided to pick a word for 2022, and my word is… kindness. As in, be kind to others b/c you do not know what … Continue reading

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Links on a Sunday, 12/26/21.

From a friend’s obituary: “She made teaching of Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, Maya Angelou and even grammar, fun and interesting. Her classes were highly sought after by students, knowing that her wit and humor would make English … Continue reading

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Snowy links, 12/18/21.

What Dad gets up to when Mom is not home.

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Icy links.

Liver flukes. Barbara Kingsolver on knitting. HT to Kym for the link.

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Links in b&w.

Time. I came across this YouTube video from 2017 while looking for something else. Lordy, I am so glad t***p is not president any more.

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Linky blinky.

He fell from heaven, only to spend six minutes on earth. Take the Bike Bus to school on Fridays. The bass line of Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke is one of the best bass line’s in music. Teaching fairness. Poor t**p. … Continue reading

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Stinky links.

Viral humor. Remember to hover over the image to get the full experience. Want to learn some Navajo? Why America’s supply chain crisis will not end. It’s not burnout, but moral injury that is crippling health care workers during the … Continue reading

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