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Lock the links.

Break it down. Symbolism. PSA. Curious Zelda.

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Annual Turkey Day.

(Margaret and) Helen nail(s) it. Gravy: nature’s most perfect food. Happy Thanksgiving from the planets. Simon’s cat celebrates Thanksgiving. It’s Confusing Bird Day.

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Remember non-iced water?

Anyone need a typewriter? Peacocks as you have not imagined them. Moose and orcas. Jewelry to freak you out. More than you ever wanted to know about hoods. This is for the former English majors.

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Linkies three.

Build a Swedish torch. Buy from small local businesses. Corgi on a treadmill carousel. Books to read before you die. Tailgaters. “The bare bones of all civilizations are fried dough and sharp things.” Midwest Gothic. Bread warmer… for cats. Beware … Continue reading

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Links come in many colors.

As the friend who sent this to me said, “What would a Trump supporter be doing in a library?”  

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Timing the links.

“Somedays, all you will accomplish is converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, and there‚Äôs a plant somewhere nearby that appreciates your efforts.” Pity the medical person who has to ask this question. Does Finland exist? Discuss. Volcano toast. Bread art. Nature … Continue reading

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Back to links.

The Persisters of Milwaukee. $70k minimum wage. PSA: How to minimize the release of microfibers into your wash water. I need to do this. Maybe we all do.

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Chains Links hold us together.

“If you want to know what fascist propaganda is…this is it. Stop looking for other signs.” Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 On ducks and rows.

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The rusty links of autumn.

What to do with your pussyhat if you don’t wear it anymore. Who else loved Miss Fisher? Related: Murder. Regret. Tennis.. Yum! Asking for help is the first thing we do. This is for all you tea-drinkers out there. Well … Continue reading

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Links come in colors.

Floss. Eat your vegies. Go for a walk. Keep dementia at bay. PSA regarding tipping at a Barnes & Noble cafe. Tigers. Exploding food. Worm charming, a sport I had not heard of. Other sports I had not heard of: … Continue reading

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