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Magical golden links.

As a person who worked in the financial service industry — not to mention a 1970s-era hippy — I found this fascinating. On the other hand, I found this disturbing. A map of pop music artists’ popularity across the US.  … Continue reading

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Even links get old and tired.

A niche community. Explore museums around the world virtually. Can  you stand another frigid link? Anyone else have a handyperson mate? Advice to men. Every parent can relate to this.

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Bolting the links.

This is just wrong. This would be sooo appropriate here in Polk County. Texting for seniors: a lesson. Window seat envy. The Beatles had no f***s to give. “The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that … Continue reading

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Plain old links. But, like, festive for, y’know, Christmas.

A fascinating and scary tale of internet bad actors (It’s a long-ish read.) The 2017 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma catalog. Nope, not gonna do this. via Ibuprofen: what do you use it for? I want this! The care … Continue reading

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Sparkly, rusty links for a week before Christmas.

Floating bookstore. Best of friends! Discuss among yourselves. Revenge! Why the women’s costumes in Wonder Woman are fabulous. Reblogging. Local story. Not a local story. Links from Chris. Facebook being a dick (again). Oh, it just got *ALL* kinds of … Continue reading

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Wooden you like some links?

Oh, my. What would you swear on? Adulthood, described. Eyeballs FTW! Custody battle. This is for my fellow grammar punctuation Nazis. Links from Chris. Cheetahs purr. Meghan Markle was always awesome. Emotional baggage.

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Meshing the chains. Or mailing them. Your choice.

I’m not a vegetarian, but this sounds good. Stressed? Listen to this.

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People get [chain-] linked.

There’s no statute of limitations on consequences, which apparently comes as an unhappy surprise to a lot of dudes. Dream on (or wait until you are >65 — you might achieve that dream, if you are lucky.) This needs to … Continue reading

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Curtaining the links.

Another proposed contributor underlying the decrease in the crime rate since 1990. When you are tired of being a mom… Things she learned in the knitting circle. Cute spider. Welcome to Hell. Who knew contouring could be so hilarious! thanks, … Continue reading

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Neural networks link us all.

“For the vast majority of jobs, work as we know it will come steadily to an end between about 2025 and 2060.” Giving a DNA sample to a restaurant: what could possibly go wrong? Need some incentive to exercise? For … Continue reading

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