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Go, Link!

Only slightly exaggerated. via Passive aggressive passerine. Smashing the patriarchy. Wait. What?

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Link in color.

Twitter thread. It is a little-known fact that… Want to know why we need social justice in science? Warning: it’s a l-o-n-g Twitter thread, but I found it v. interesting. Why we admire Canadians.  

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Helixes, schmelixes; these are links.

#MNGA Around the world. McDonalds [finally] ditches foam containers.

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Griddy links.

Unsettling but fabulous. Heroes you never think about. Maps! Thanks, gayle! More maps! via Hell’s motivational posters. A few more.

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Ok, I couldn’t stand it. Here are some links.

Llama vs alpaca. On removing To Kill a Mockingbird from the curriculum. Another view of minimalism. More here. Imma watch Babylon Berlin. A lovely song and video.

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Gendered links.

The City of Los Angeles is looking for a graphic designer. The dOnald tRump of coats. Speaking of meetings…

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Links and chains, chains and links.

As a person who goes to a lot of meeting, I loved this idea. Mutual aid and working class solidarity. Modern Greek mythology story. Everyone’s a critic. Next time you are in an art museum…

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Sometimes the link photo refuses to yield a title.

It’s our own fault. via #Paintback transforms swastika graffiti. Her guardian angel gave it to her.

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Magical golden links.

As a person who worked in the financial service industry — not to mention a 1970s-era hippy — I found this fascinating. On the other hand, I found this disturbing. A map of pop music artists’ popularity across the US.  … Continue reading

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Even links get old and tired.

A niche community. Explore museums around the world virtually. Can  you stand another frigid link? Anyone else have a handyperson mate? Advice to men. Every parent can relate to this.

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