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Links to anchor yourself with.

The six-month wall in every ordeal. He’s got my vote. Anyone else used to watch Leverage? New ad from The Lincoln Project.

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How many days until the election? I must remind myself of this whenever Smokey forgets something I told him 15 seconds ago. This is one of the sweetest things you will ever see. It’s not exactly the cancer vs. polio … Continue reading

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Saturday golden links.

It is never too late to learn. How to read sheet music. Antarctic ice shelves are falling into the sea. Trump’s reaction to the pandemic… forecasted in 2016. Psychology of drumpf followers from 2018.

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Rusted, busted links.

Good work, Hormel! Drag queens FTW! The southern hemisphere has had a much milder than usual flu season due to everyone following coronavirus-prevention measurers. But no one knows for sure if that will hold for the northern hemisphere.

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Oops, a gull from Furry Friday has escaped to link Saturday.

Anybody need advanced Excel help? Oz du Soleil is here to help. Bottle xylophone player.

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Links… and rants.

Be patient with your local bookstore. Poop FTW! Remember that the Washington Post’s coronavirus page is not behind a paywall. Got an hour? Here are four (4!) link posts from Chris and Chaos.

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Links, schminks.

The endings have changed.

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Charming links.

Amplify Black voices. Educate yourself: Uncomfortable conversations with a black man. Thanks, Nicole! Jurassic Park updates. Doctoring through the ages. Excess deaths. “I ain’t ever see nobody drop a beat three minutes in a song!”  More on the subject. Green = … Continue reading

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Radioactive links.

A video meditation. Back on my bullshit. This could apply to so many things. Frothy masterpieces. Dude, where’s my shark? The feel-good story of the week. A better version of drump’s Axios interview. Want to see some amazing photos? Here … Continue reading

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Take the links and go swimming.

Sound on. Who knew it had a smell? Painting on water. The trumpvirus. For fans of Broadway musicals.     Green = hover text.

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