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Dripping links.

Hair donations. This is a bit dated but still “Huh?”-worthy. 1950s lipstick. Mask enforcement. Post-pandemic New Yorker covers. The meme-fication of lumber. Walls of receipts. Say it withy me: awww, what a sweetheart! In other news, we got this check … Continue reading

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Shiny new links.

Florida woman… Brilliant casting in Shakespeare performance. Home inspector. Infodumping. How to build a medieval castle. (Link is to a 58-minute YouTube video that I found very interesting. Save some times and read about it here.)

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Saturday. No links.

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Cobblestone links.

“Men only want one thing and it’s… a potato room.” (Click on the little arrow in the right side of the mansion photo.)

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‘Tis Peep season!

Getcher Peep humor here! More Peep humor!

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Fried links.

A little archaeologist humor.

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Pretty links.

Squishmallows. Let’s use plastic to build roads! Obituary goes viral. A nice little email to start the day.

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A few links.

Bubble wrap art. The good mom in all of us. A way to prevent, or at least minimize, wasted vaccines*. * Elder Son was telling us on our last phone call how the staff at the Zuni medical center are … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday — do you know where your links are?

Slippery stairs. I want to go back in time so I can have a dad who does special effects. Cakes. There’s a reason this meeting of the Handforth Parish Council Planning & Environment Committee has 3 million views.

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Winter links to keep you warm.

For those of you who enjoy coloring. Zoom meeting. Tired of your radio station? Find one somewhere else. Name a snowplow. “According to a few colleagues it’s either a plant, an algae, or a fungi. So that’s been helpful.” Pole … Continue reading

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