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Winter links to keep you warm.

For those of you who enjoy coloring. Zoom meeting. Tired of your radio station? Find one somewhere else. Name a snowplow. “According to a few colleagues it’s either a plant, an algae, or a fungi. So that’s been helpful.” Pole … Continue reading

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Anchoring links.

May you live in _________ times. Corona face masks. A tale of why one should never give up. George Clooney on dumbf***ey.

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Golden links.

A heart-breaking short story. Interview with the author. Encouraging video. Find out your risk of contracting COVID according to county statistics. If COVID doesn’t get you, here’s how to avoid getting murdered in a quaint English village.

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Industrial strength links.

“Clap for the parents making half a tomato and a coin bag of grated cheese last a week.” Oh, that we might live in boring times.

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It’s fiber Monday!

Frog and Toad together. I loved reading those books to my kids. Courage! The story of Bernie and his mittens. Ultra-warm kitty.

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Quasi-corona related.

All the Holderness family’s 2020 coronavirus videos.

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Links to a new world.

You did a lot last year. A little thing for all you science/biology/marine biology/psych geeks out there. Snow depth in Madison, Wisconsin. Need masks? A friend turned me on to these — affordable N95s. Bernie sings.

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Saturday links.

Free pizza to help humanity! My man Aaron will host Jeopardy later this year. Good news for a Maine organic farm. Seven days in a Swedish lighthouse with nothing to do except watch movies. I missed this on the evening … Continue reading

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Shiny new links.

Karen and the Christmas gargoyle. Randy Rainbow and sedition. x From our county health department’s website:

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Breaking free from the old links.

Fun with food. (Look at all the photos.) Scotty got beamed up.

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