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Radioactive links.

A video meditation. Back on my bullshit. This could apply to so many things. Frothy masterpieces. Dude, where’s my shark? The feel-good story of the week. A better version of drump’s Axios interview. Want to see some amazing photos? Here … Continue reading

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Take the links and go swimming.

Sound on. Who knew it had a smell? Painting on water. The trumpvirus. For fans of Broadway musicals.     Green = hover text.

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Chaining the links.

This is important: sign the petition to save the USPS. 30-day time-lapse at sea. from Clara Parke’s daily email. Speaking of time… Wine fairies. This is so cool. The sweetest letter you will read this week. For Hamilton fans. His grandmother’s … Continue reading

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Stuff and a gull on Saturday.

Phucumol. An honest meditation. NSFW. Six reasons for optimism. Tired of looking out your own window? Look out someone else’s. The first emergency medical providers. Link from Kat’s post last week. Nope, no tilting allowed. Give.Women.Functional.Pockets. Links from Chris. Everything is … Continue reading

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Anchoring the links.

Racism will have a new definition in the dictionary. Link from Kym‘s blog. As a former trombonist in my h.s. band, I endorse this video. Link from Clara Parkes’ daily email. You could get those emails, too; sign up here. More cowbell … Continue reading

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Abandon all links, ye who enter here.

“Just find your rock and get there.” A profoundly touching poster project. 3,000 year-old hairstyles. 1980s hair bands updated for the pandemic. I have to confess this took my down a YouTube rabbit hole looking for 1980s hair band power songs. … Continue reading

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Swingin’ links.

“We cannot survive a second term of Trump.  I need you all to hold your noses, put on your big girl pants, and deal with it.  Prepare to vote for Biden.”  Thanks, k! “People try to do right by each … Continue reading

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If it is Saturday, here must be links.

Brussels sprouts<>broccoli<>kale<>cauliflower<>cabbage. Must-read book. Moose on the loose. Top ten opening lines. Not sure why the egg. Kookaburra. Biden memes. It may be symbolism, but it is important symbolism. Watch the video through to the end. Anti-racism resources. “These eight specific … Continue reading

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Nostalgic links.

Links from Chris. There are some really, really good ones there. Help the Zuni. Shop here.  From Elder Son: “It is a hard time for our local artists with all the stores closed.  If you would like to support them, check … Continue reading

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Saturday links.

The CDC plan to open up is here. It may never be published. thanks, k! Drumming the weather on the BBC.    

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