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Post-nasal links.

As a former tax accountant, I applaud this news. (Back when I was an active tax accountant, I classified Seagate dividends as foreign income when I reviewed a particular individual’s return. My manager questioned that, so I took her to … Continue reading

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Links, 10/9/21.

Behold, the infamous potato shed! Next year… (Remember to hover to get the other joke.) “The latter group argues that its defence mechanisms do a great job and have rescued the Y chromosome. But the leavers say that all they … Continue reading

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Linking the links.

Whoa! She helped her dad get a job at CostCo. And she did it via Twitter. Wobble baby. Baby on a Roomba. A tutorial on em and en dashes. (k sent me this in June. Kinda got behind in my … Continue reading

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Link, link, who’s got the link.

“There are currently 16 employees and a third were recruited from jails.”

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Let’s build some links.

Woodcarving extraordinaire! OMG! Here is how they did it. Robots Olympics. sd In other news: I’m posting this with a heavy heart… As much as I love reading and books, it takes up too much of my time and I … Continue reading

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Linky pinky.

Libraries are amazing communal spaces. Posing with statues.

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(S)linking about.

Another myth busted, and it is good news. Mayonnaise and sprinkles – what could possibly go wrong. How to choose a fabric store. Cheddar Man.

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Lock up the links.

This could never happen in Nebraska. Let’s talk about wombats. And now, some IG screen grabs that don’t fit into Furry Friday or Rants.

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Gotcher links right here.


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Link, link, rink-a-dink.

Did the world really need this? Pretty sure New York City didn’t need this.

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