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Break free from that chain.

Pachelbel’s Canon in C(hicken). @broochwarfare All links this week furnished by gayle, to whom I am indebted.   I haven’t been posting because I am either insanely busy (=election year, parades every weekend, monthly newsletter, update website, co-chair, campaign treasurer) … Continue reading

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Summery links.

How many goats are you worth? via Another one from Chris that I heartily endorse. Ya just never know what might be down the road and around the corner… A summertime, travel PSA from the Minneapolis Police Department. page 1  … Continue reading

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Saturday links are back! For one week, at least.

Carpool karaoke. Notorious RBG speaks.

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In go the links.

Books as baby gifts. thanks, compassionknit and Al! Tom Hanks. This is the saddest 23-word sentence I ever read. A reference chart. Want to learn how to make mead? Related. Helpful field guide to birds of the western US. On … Continue reading

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Carturday links!

Dogs cannot. Please, princess! A cat named Cheddar. Apex predator is pissed. Cat vs. cat tree. (Spoiler alert: the tree wins.) Relaxation: via cat. More. Life with a cat. Looks like our Louise. Apparently it was not big enough.

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Links everywhere.

This is the state where I live. And it is raiding nearby states for their millennials. Above all, be comfy.  

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Lake links.

Sing out in the comment with short cuts you have used. Chicken. This one‘s for the museum fans. For the readers. On libraries. Read the Wired article, too. Post-modern truth. Do you floss? On capitalism. Every house has one. And it … Continue reading

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Lake links.

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Wooden links.

Pet bee.

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Roping the links. Yesterday’s post revisited. This time with links.

Elephants artists? Um, nope. Coupla victories for mothers. Casual agility competition. Agility should look like this (start at 1:30).Or ever better, this (the fun starts at 1:05).   Note: the anti-serendipity, it burns. Two days ago Kym asked about the process of … Continue reading

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