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I found some links under the bed.

Let people enjoy stuff! Patriotism. via Need a new screen background on your phone? Pirate those plants! It is expensive to be poor Horse evolution.

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Saturday links return. Assuming no more hellstorms.

Always think of the resume. For you Francophiles and Francophobes. Just brush your teeth. Yarn art. That is not up to code. A simple request. “Science is rational, scientists are human.” Beautiful birds. How to eat healthy and cheap. Links … Continue reading

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More links for summer.

Teach a man to fish… For fans of British TV. Lion King: the real story. The catch-22 of poverty. Professional eating goats. No humor here, just a delightful-sounding summer cocktail. Opinion from a Midwestern girl woman. Something we all should … Continue reading

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Welcome to Caturday (links).

Cat humor. Cat fight. The famous pat-a-cat-cake video. Golfing… with a cat. Halal kitteh. “Finally, a worthy opponent!” A black volcanic eruption.

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Summertime links.

Okay, who wants to read some Caucasian Scriptures? 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 Beach glass. More Brandon Farris. A preview of everyone’s 80th decade. Ruh-roh. A succinct critique of male leftists. You had me at … Continue reading

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Want some links? I have some right here.

Tailorbird. More bird stuff. And a little more. Opossum stuff. Anybody else catch this egregious error in Call the Midwife? BS detection education. Time travel. Want more links? Go visit Chris and Chaos.

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Golden links. (They go faster.)

Various commentaries on abortion and women’s/children’s rights: WAAAHHH THE CHILDREN! The unborn. I’m just the delivery guy.

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Timing the links.

Some good news about climate change. “Not in Hebrew it doesn’t!” Wisdom teeth vs. charisma teeth. Keeping the tigers motivated. How to reduce the suicide rate. More. Why I cannot finish my assignment on time. Bill Nye has an important … Continue reading

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Links in the sky.

  When women call the shots. Men talk too much, visualized. Thanks to gayle for the link. Astronomical ring. Wise words about cake mixes. It’s all what you get used to. There are no words. Jurassic Park remake. Did you … Continue reading

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Swingin’ links.

Use that corporate spyware to your advantage. Sweet story. It is haunted. Or cursed. Your choice, really. Jellyfish in space. They reversed climate change. Karl, the deaf therapy dog. Shout-out to Carlos. “…similar skill sets and wildly different philosophies.” Couple … Continue reading

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