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Swingin’ links.

Use that corporate spyware to your advantage. Sweet story. It is haunted. Or cursed. Your choice, really. Jellyfish in space. They reversed climate change. Karl, the deaf therapy dog. Shout-out to Carlos. “…similar skill sets and wildly different philosophies.” Couple … Continue reading

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Links in the night.

You may be able to use this someday. A very important message. Tradition. Okay, imma gonna drown you with Caucasian Scriptures: Subtitles rock. Get real. Get real redux. Pretending. Granny. Who knew? Correlation. America vs. Oz. Science. 1870. Comeback. Smart … Continue reading

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Swinging into the links.

It lives under the fridge via “my brain is like seventeen squirrels on crack.” I have been remiss in not linking to Chris’s links.

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The chain holds us together.

Very excited. Hamburg swans. Here‘s how he does it. True photo of that black hole. Ur not so tuff. Witchcraft. The answer is… A guide to mushrooms. Tiny log houses. “…six-foot tall murder machines.” “In other words the clean tech … Continue reading

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The links will set your direction.

A little story about the Iditarod. PSA regarding the rights of wheelchair users. Don’t let Bob be the nanny. Our cats need this. Deeply Cursed Monster Hearts. “I do not spew profanities. I enunciate them clearly, like a f*cking lady.” … Continue reading

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Links are MIA!

Disgustingly busy week this week. Links will return next Saturday (I hope!)

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Knowledge in chain [links].

“Can’t run fast enough to be a serial killer…” Something for the owls out there. It is as exciting as watching bread rise. More on the subject. Sen. Mike Gravel is running in the Democratic primaries Obituary.

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Timing the links.

If you attempt to speak another’s language, better know exactly what you are saying. How to art: crosshatching. Lego-like surfaces under our feet. Not that I would ever do this. So, I did this and the first 10-1/2 pages of … Continue reading

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Link it up, little man.

A story about Kat. Not me. Notice the lack of ™. Vampire cat. Woolly sheep cat. Fruit punch? Srsly? Be nice. The importance of seeing heroes that look like you. The Iliad in a nutshell. Links from Chris. For the … Continue reading

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Three links. Or more.

Oopsies. Labrodorite: the Best and Coolest Rock. Move vs. ballet. The Cone Of Shame, reimagined via Be like Jeremiah.

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