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Lock up the links.

This could never happen in Nebraska. Let’s talk about wombats. And now, some IG screen grabs that don’t fit into Furry Friday or Rants.

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Gotcher links right here.


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Link, link, rink-a-dink.

Did the world really need this? Pretty sure New York City didn’t need this.

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Links to the cosmos.

Before we link ourselves into cyberspace, let me update you on the medical news. The endoscopy went fine, and results are nothing to worry about, whew. I put together the facts and previous doctors’ comments and realized that the reason … Continue reading

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Networking for all its worth.

Wanna sleep in a potato? Or live in a water tower or a bubble or in a mansion with a dungeon? Although the houses they post are intriguing/discomfiting, I follow them for the comments. Bioluminescence.

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Shiny links.

She walked around the world. Did you know that grass is smiling at you?

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Short links.

She finished college thanks to her Uber passenger. And now, some old photos from my email:

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Dripping links.

Hair donations. This is a bit dated but still “Huh?”-worthy. 1950s lipstick. Mask enforcement. Post-pandemic New Yorker covers. The meme-fication of lumber. Walls of receipts. Say it withy me: awww, what a sweetheart! In other news, we got this check … Continue reading

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Shiny new links.

Florida woman… Brilliant casting in Shakespeare performance. Home inspector. Infodumping. How to build a medieval castle. (Link is to a 58-minute YouTube video that I found very interesting. Save some times and read about it here.)

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Saturday. No links.

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