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Nostalgic links.

Links from Chris. There are some really, really good ones there. Help the Zuni. Shop here.  From Elder Son: “It is a hard time for our local artists with all the stores closed.  If you would like to support them, check … Continue reading

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Saturday links.

The CDC plan to open up is here. It may never be published. thanks, k! Drumming the weather on the BBC.    

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Wooden links.

Seal snot. Saantana perkele. We used to say this in high school; lots of Finns in that area of Minnesota. It sucks to be human. CoVid-19 may affect non-neurotypical people more than others. Want to see some beautiful photos? Ten … Continue reading

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Alone on a Saturday.

Silver linings from the Quarantine Chorale. Link lifted from Chris. The Bloggess likes Instagram as much as I do. Save the USPS! Another way! Open the damned blinds. Policy cannot be based on the Bible. A new take on social distancing. … Continue reading

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Links back when we could touch others.

Inspiring (not) national park posters. National Geographic shares photos of the pandemic around the world. This is lovely. How to feed your dragon. Raccoon(s). Working from home. Painters painting food. The first case of COVID-19 in our county. Unconfirmed because … Continue reading

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Subway somewhere. Cat and banana. Cat catches mouse. Cats talk. Dear Diary And now, some non-feline humor… Barbies. “Egg-based clique culture.” The dragon and the grape. The Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket. All the other dinosaurs are … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Peeps FTW! Clearly, I did not adequately consult the calendar when I scheduled this post. Oops, my bad…

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Networking the links.

Neural-net candy hearts. Living forest. Tinamou eggs. Octopus moves house. Don’t make big decisions in February. Fluff saves lives. Magic incantations for coronavirus. Free books! They are here. The musical otter. “A big sack of assholes on dinosaur legs.” This … Continue reading

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Boring old black and white links.

A feminist is the new secretary-general of the United Nations. A real life wonder woman.

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Nervy links.

“What worries me about the baba yaga’s house arriving when she has reached baba yagadom is that it means the houses are out there somewhere…feral…breeding…” Word. Skull story. Support local bookstores. “His taquitos were ready.” Perhaps. Bird paintings. The grannies … Continue reading

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