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Lake links.

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Lake links.

Sing out in the comment with short cuts you have used. Chicken. This one‘s for the museum fans. For the readers. On libraries. Read the Wired article, too. Post-modern truth. Do you floss? On capitalism. Every house has one. And it … Continue reading

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Wooden links.

Pet bee.

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Roping the links. Yesterday’s post revisited. This time with links.

Elephants artists? Um, nope. Coupla victories for mothers. Casual agility competition. Agility should look like this (start at 1:30).Or ever better, this (the fun starts at 1:05).   Note: the anti-serendipity, it burns. Two days ago Kym asked about the process of … Continue reading

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Riding the links.

Fairy tales >6,000 years old. Damn. Power washing is magic. Living without artificial light. Coupla feel-good stories. Thanks to Kat for introducing me to Good News Network! “They look like haunted marshmallows.”  Um, no. I love to give advice. Goats! Cats!

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Surreal links.

The Brother.  (listen) “I think we can all agree life would be better were giants required to disclose their recipes.” It all started here. The big enemy is apathy. Time capsule from hell. Links from Chris.

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Rusty, dusty links.

“She had a rump like a silken waterfall, and I trembled to admire it.” This is a bit long but worth it. Kittehs will find a way. Life advice that we all can use. “…I am now the morale officer … Continue reading

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Uplinking the links.

Don’t listen to their bullshit. Glitter beer? Srsly? More on Millennial English. Everything you wanted — or didn’t care to know — about the royal wedding in May. Science rocks! Good advice. “Alexa… ” (you may need to scroll down to … Continue reading

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The link that started it all.

A note about Russian propaganda on Twitter. via Get it together. Whatever your dream is, it is not too late to achieve it. Oh, look, it’s the good timeline. Not a cake wreck. Chicken chicken. Bees. Service dog field trip. … Continue reading

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Links are everywhere.

How to set the minimum wage. Do not read this if you take the Bible literally. Bibliophile Sweater Tag. The history of blue.

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