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More yarn, please.

Festive! Rainbow! “Honey, I can do this one-handed.”   Related. One badass knitter.

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Eat, knit, and dye.

Knit a sock. Send her some love. Creative stabbing. Stash. Embroidery. Leader sheep: not to be confused with a bellwether.

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Winter is coming. Where are your sweaters?

  An interesting ribbing stitch. Want to knit a nest for a good cause? (Crocheted nests are okay, too.) “Topological programmable materials“, i.e., knitting and crocheting. More science: conductive crochet allows typing in mid-air. Finally a use for all those … Continue reading

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Wee bear knits.

The fibercraft pit. Amazeballs! Next time you knit for someone else…  

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Yarny ol’ links.

It’s art, buddy! Granny ripple stitch afghan. Not knitting, but important. Word.

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Knitting in summer links.

Knitting quotes. Ravelry rocks! Time to go shopping, y’all! I almost want to make one of these. Almost. I may have shown you these mittens before, but they are worth a second viewing. Got some blue yarn? Go knit a hat … Continue reading

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Welcome back to fibery links!

Ooh, entrelac! He’ at it again! Evil. Louise the cat is the inspiration for their logo. Oh, those Finns. via

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Oh, the scent of lavender…yarn.

Not exactly fiber-related, but… The fibercraft pit. Remember this for next winter: DIY draft stoppers. How to spin using a drop spindle: a tutorial.

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Yarning along.

Llamas on the loose. Ease basics.

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Swirling links.

Embroidery art. Random lace. Handmade but not with love. No second sock syndrome here. Yarn heist. Screw you, nihilism. Penelope. Pattern request.

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