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Baskets of yarn.

Oops! Knitting on Coke can. Looking for a lost peacock. Rainbow. It’s easier without the needles.

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Lavender blue, dilly dilly.

Mermaid scale stitch markers. “If Tumblr has taught me anything…” Mr. Llama in knit hats.

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Yarn on display.

Quick and easy charity knit or crochet project. Perfection is overrated; advice from a designer. A portal to the nether regions. Droppin’ the f-bombs. Interesting sock toe shaping. That sock toe designer is veerrryyy clever! Ashamed? Never! A slightly different … Continue reading

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Knit the rainbow.

Knit without injuring yourself! The perfect Aran. How to knit the long-tail cast-on. Our eyes are still closed. OMG, the Israelis — but not their government — did something good for Arabs. How to knit the perfect edge. Other perfect … Continue reading

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Knitting gone wild.

Welcome to 1984, when Native Americana was fashionable. Another one. Nice rings. Sorry about the rest of the sweater. Computer-generated knitting patterns. Here is an¬†Atlantic article about the project. On Twitter.¬†Thanks, gayle! No shade zone. I love this story! Plenty … Continue reading

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Passionate purple links.

Excellent question. Offered without comment. A knitterly, sheepy cake. The silliness, it burns like fire. Oh, hell yeah. Uh-oh. Oh, yeah, I’ve been there. This is magnificent. These socks are impressive, but these take the prize. Reversible socks. Tarmac Tuesday: … Continue reading

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Let the sun be your knitting color guide.

Best knitting bag slogan evah. Really Very Important Advice For Knitters. Ever wondered where acrylic yarn comes from? A fun blanket… if you don’t mind seaming together a gazillion pieces. “Help me, Obi-Wan. You’re my only hope.” Feebs.

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Argyle links.

Pun. Color pooling in crochet. Ron Weasley blanket/

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A tisket, a tasket, a yarnful of basket.

Color, anyone? Of course you could knit this in time for Easter. Embroidery. More embroidery. (That second link hit my sweet spot because I owned (and adored!) this book back in the 70s.) A Photographic Series of Miniature Faux Fur … Continue reading

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Sock it to me.

Land cloud. Human penguin. Guilt project… finished. Sad truthSad truth. Included here purely for the name. 5 tips to using DPNs. Why we should love hairless cats. I still have ambitions to knit this cowl, although I might make it … Continue reading

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