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Sock it to me.

Land cloud. Human penguin. Guilt project… finished. Sad truthSad truth. Included here purely for the name. 5 tips to using DPNs. Why we should love hairless cats. I still have ambitions to knit this cowl, although I might make it … Continue reading

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Simple, simple.

Pets are people, too. Finished. Knitting under the influence. Stretches. Purl this! It’s witchcraft. Sheep!

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No links today. Just pictures.

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O, what a tangled web skein we weave detangle.

How not to get Dorito dust on your knitting. Is this a great scarf or what? Yarn storage. Yikes.

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Non-hiatus knitting links.

…pardon me while I invade your home, wrap myself in your property, and snarl at people like a highly invasive species of lizard.

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Primary colored links.

We have all been there. Sorry, nope. How to make your mittens extra-special warm.  

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Someday I will actually knit this luscious stuff. And other links.

I hate when that happens. Are you kidding me? Too beautiful to use. They’re not gonna knit themselves, either. This is one extreme yarnbomber. ‘Tis good to have an assistant. Scarf. A sock ruler — genius! Super Bowl stitching.

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Knitting can be dastardly.

Camouflage knitting.

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Knittin’ the mitten.

Paint drip scarf. Lawyers take up knitting. Gone fishin’. Want a bird on your lapel? Tidy edges on your knitting: a tutorial. Discuss in the comments.

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Co[i]ning the knits. Yeah, I don’t know what that means either.

Words to live by. More words to live by. A new use for snow. Related. NSFW. What could possibly go wrong?   We have all felt it.

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