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Knitting the blues.

Make your own Bayeux tapestry. Nope.

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Baskets of (yarn) links.

It’s witchcraft. Stand in the gap. The struggle.

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Soft and fuzzy links.

A little cross-stitch project for all of us. “I need to knit something.” A crocheted flower mandala. A material record of tRump’s presidency. More on the subject. #coronacrafting #coronaknitting You may have seen this on Kym’s blog or elsewhere, but … Continue reading

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Yarn vault.

“White supremacy is the difference between peaceful protestors being met with rubber bullets and tear gas versus protestors openly carrying guns demanding that cities open in a pandemic and being met with silence and no response from police.” Support black-owned … Continue reading

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Bombing the yarn.

Yarn bomb! “Came for the sex weasels, stayed for the birds in teeny sweaters…” x There is compassion and generosity in Minneapolis. Click through to see the diaper mountain: The scale of giving in Minneapolis right now – with basically … Continue reading

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Yarning for links.

  For the introverts. Rain boots FTW! Weird color combination but it’s working. Chonky triceratops. Extreme quilting. Not exactly keepsakes as intended. She knitted a chair cover.    

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We are all yarn addicts.

Remember that tesselated crochet motif I showed you last week? This is how it looks in an afghan. Things like this make me wish I didn’t dislike doing embroidery so much. Ooh, shinies! Knitted…moths? Knitting for the apocalypse.

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May the for[th]ce of the knitting comfort you.

Cat couches with matching afghans. A tessellating crochet motif. Sheep riders.  

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Cats & yarn.

Alpaca are amazing. I have a wonderful afghan that this would work on. Speaking of afghans… These two wall hangings remind me of the coronavirus’s effect on people. The one on the left shows society merrily trucking along when suddenly! … Continue reading

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Crafting in the time of COVID-19.

  I may take a few days off from posting. Need to dedicate some time to catching up on other tasks. See you again soon!

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