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Swirling links.

Embroidery art. Random lace. Handmade but not with love. No second sock syndrome here. Yarn heist. Screw you, nihilism. Penelope. Pattern request.

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Striped links.

Welcome to my reality. Freshly peeled sheeps. Keepin’ it weird. Big soft squish. Incredibly large emotional support sweater. We need a collective noun here. Knitting in codes. via   Green = hover text.

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Knitting links. (What a boring title.)

.0739 miles of sportweight yarn = 130 yards. “Fear not the harsh winter with the cloak made from soft and fluffy wool.” …but I hate pink. Tips for traveling.

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Knitting is for everyone. No exceptions.

It’s a glitch in the space-time continuum. Superstition. Pattern?

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Yarny links of spring.

Extra yarn. Story of my life. Franklin’s first sweater. Fashion trend in tattoos. Heavy metal knitting championships.

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Baskets of links.

Need some inspiration? Here is the creativity crustacean. Everyone loves alpaca(s). Make a blue hat for a cause. Pattern? Sh*t That I Knit. Tiles. Green text = hover text under the link.

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Not much longer for these knits.

Do I need another mitered square afghan? Knitted suit. Anybody else got a cat that claws the furniture?     Green = hover text under the link.

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Cake for yarn. Yarn for cake. Totally your call.

A poem about coats. Younger Son would have loved to have one of these. Looking for an easy charity project? Hat Not Hate. Orange FTW!  

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Sweater-y links.

Every knitter needs a helper. Homicide Kniticide. Yarn-bombed photos.  

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Colorful knitting links.

Embroidery. NSFW embroidery. WIPs. Pattern writing style. Nerd knits. (Super-phd-level-nerd knits.) The how-to-knit-ergonomically book is available again! (Better to buy it from the author’s site than from Amazon. Look at that price!)

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