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Do you love me? Show me (the money)!

This is the post where I ask for money. Lots of money. Tons of money. Boatloads of money. It's bigger on the inside. But the money is not for me. It is for my tiny library's building fund. This little … Continue reading

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County fair time again!

I worked at the booth where all the library Friends groups sold used paperback. We shared the booth with the Usbourne books lady. Usborne books are generally sold like Tupperware or Longaberger baskets — by parties, although this woman also … Continue reading

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Life is random, why not me?

Baked :: Alaska. Excited :: to go. Print :: out of, Obstruct :: -ionist. Bladder :: full. Matrimony :: wedding. Car :: many. Reconstruct :: Civil War. Lenses :: contact. Best for last :: save it. * * * * … Continue reading

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LIttle free libraries.

You may have heard of Little Free Libraries. You may even have noticed one in your city. Imagine my surprise when I saw this in my teeny tiny town. It is in the lot occupied by Julia's Java, a tiny … Continue reading

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Without a camera, I am lost.

Actually, I have a perfectly good camera that takes very nice photos. The problem that I just discovered is that it suddenly refuses to communicate with my computer. WTF? Sometimes when I connect them — the same as I have … Continue reading

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One more thing. No, two more things. Well, actually, three more things.

This was me at the rally yesterday. We librarians* stand with the teachers whose vocation was disparaged and attacked and made to seem the enemy by the incumbent. * Even former part-time librarians currently employed as tax accountants. * * … Continue reading

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Why do we need libraries? Isn’t everything on the internet?

From here via Neil Gaiman Tumblr. This is sooooo true. Undoubtedly libraries are a good thing. The access and training that we provide for technology isn't offered by any other public service (largely because public services are rapidly becoming a … Continue reading

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Books and reading. And libraries.

I read at least 58 books in 2011; "at least 58" because I know there are a few missing from this list.   TITLE AUTHOR Case Histories Atkinson, Kate At Home: A Short History of Private Life (audiobook) Bryson, Bill … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the library edition.

You remember how sometime I struggle with these ten on Tuesday topis? Not this time. Heh. I made a PowerPoint once to present to middle-schoolers on this very topic. Let's see if I can remember my ten points. Ten Reasons … Continue reading

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Free to good home.

Edited to add: We have a taker! Thanks, Jeanne; I am sooo glad to get rid of one more pile of stuff. I cleaned out a corner of my bookshelf/bedroom yesterday* and decided that I did not need to preserve … Continue reading

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