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FO Friday: yarnbombing the library.

One day last June I did this. Sadly, the finished piece was about 18″ too short to cover the entire top rail of the bike rack. Lots of yarn left, maybe by next June it will be done. * * … Continue reading

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The annual library book sale.

Every year during my tiny village’s festival (Fishermen’s Party, if you are wondering) the Friends of the Library hosts a book sale. We sell off the books weeded from the collection, plus those that were donated but not added to the … Continue reading

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What I did on my (first couple weeks of) summer [vacation*].

* Being retired, I do not have a summer vacation per se. Let’s do bullets, m’kay? Helped throw together a Russ Feingold event on the Memorial Day weekend. We got only about a week’s notice from the Feingold campaign, so I … Continue reading

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Book sale!

The Friends of my local library had our annual book sale a couple weekends ago. It is amazing how many books get weeded from the library or from other people's bookshelves. Kay and Diane squeezing as many books onto the … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the fingerless glove binge.

On Saturday the library Friends had a craft & bake sale.      The bake sale was a huge success, the craft sale rather less.                I had eight pairs of fingerless gloves there … Continue reading

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Fingerless knitting.

More fingerless gloves to sell at the farmer's market. Believe it or not, these are from the same ball of yarn. I should have alternated from each end of the ball. Yarn: Plymouth Boku that has been in the stash … Continue reading

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Let’s talk fingerless.

I have been knitting fingerless gloves all summer to sell as a library fundraiser at our local farmer's market. The market is sponsored by the library building committee, and the Friends have a booth there.       I knitted all … Continue reading

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Solidarity forever. And knitting.

This is what it looks like when you recruit people to get on a bus at 6 am to ride through the cold (it was -19˚F when we left Eau Claire) to the state capitol to lobby their their legislators … Continue reading

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It’s a Sunday in January and it is snowing. So, what’s new with you?

Vex :: Hex. Ghost :: Spirit.  Detail :: Devil is in them. Furthers :: No, farther. Foxy :: Vixen. Hybrid :: Prius. Maximum :: Prime. Wonderful :: Wonderful. Munch :: SVU. Organize :: I really should… * * * * … Continue reading

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Raising money for the new library!

Read about it here. Pledge for me here. No pledge too small — or too large 🙂 When the building fund committee writes grant applications, the granting organization looks at how much money has been raised locally as an indication … Continue reading

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