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Happy Thanksgiving!

Knit your turkey. This turkey is having none of your Thanksgiving nonsense. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, however you are celebrating!

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Halloween linksies!

PSA regarding black cats. Pumpkin boi! Halloween moose. Halloween gloves! Boo! Dog *costume*. Costume!

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Shout-out to labor!


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Let’s try this again: happy Easter!

x   xCaution: non-Easter-respectful humor follows. Click at your own risk. None of us are into cheap, fast fashion, are we? The difference between linear or logarithmic scales. Nurseries and garden centers are essential businesses in MN. Construction workers may … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Peeps FTW! Clearly, I did not adequately consult the calendar when I scheduled this post. Oops, my bad…

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A word of encouragement for the new year.

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Happy, happy! Merry, merry!

The Cat in the Hat Village. Santa’s reindeer, explained. Santa’s other reindeer. How to put the lights on your tree. Ruh-roh.

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Annual Turkey Day.

(Margaret and) Helen nail(s) it. Gravy: nature’s most perfect food. Happy Thanksgiving from the planets. Simon’s cat celebrates Thanksgiving. It’s Confusing Bird Day.

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Best Halloween cake ever! Halloween sushi. Cheap but effective costume for glasses wearers. Dancing! Mitochondria celebrate Halloween, too.  

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It’s turkey day!

This map shows what people are most thankful for in every state — Mother Jones (@MotherJones) November 22, 2017

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