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Drive-by bullet post.

April 15 was over a week ago. Whew. I skipped the annual 4/15 party and drove straight back to my bed in WI. Pretty much did not get out of said bed until Sunday. Late Sunday. Saturday was the first … Continue reading

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What’s happening at my house.

Smokey got a new bucket and tool holder insert for it. This will be his carry-it-to-the-site toolbox. The second time he tried to show it to me and explain all its finer points, I told him that, nice as it … Continue reading

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One for my very own.

Look what I got!  Wanna closer look? Smokey has had a handicapped parking permit for several years, ever since he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I used his, illegally, when I had a broken ankle and for the past year … Continue reading

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42. It’s another name for random.

Look at this message I found in my Ravelry inbox yesterday morning: Is that awesome or is that awesome! I immediately sent her a reply that blathered on about how much I like that book. * * * * * … Continue reading

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If I’m feeling better, it must be Tuesday.

Let's start out with a bit of slothfulness. Sloths are slothful. Trivia question of the day: for what delightful cartoon show on Nickelodeon did Mark Mothersbaugh compose music? (Answer buried in the linked Wikipedia article.) (I loved that show.) * … Continue reading

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Hip surgery is postponed for 2-3 weeks on surgeon's advice. In the meantime I can go back to taking ibuprofen (yay!) and get over this crud (yay!). With the surgery in late January I may not be able to go … Continue reading

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Crud and those who have it much worse and some other stuff.

Smokey backed my car into a hole next to the driveway a couple days ago (coulda happened to anyone). We spent a bit of time this afternoon getting it out. Da Yeep is broken, his 4WD Subaru tried but couldn't … Continue reading

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Not that anyone is counting.

Four days until the hip replacement.  Per doctor's orders, I had to stop taking ibuprofen last weekend and instead take Tylenol until the surgery. The latter does not work nearly as well as the former for joint pain. Just in … Continue reading

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My hip replacement surgery is scheduled for Monday, January 7. There may be a slight tremor in The Force that day, but fear not, my friends. Tis only the mightiness of my new hip. I may have neglected to mention … Continue reading

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This is a rebuilding year.

You know how sports teams, when they have lost all their star players and consequently are not winning many games, they call it a "rebuilding year"? That's what Smokey and I are having in 2012… literally. But not in the … Continue reading

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