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This used to be a knitting blog.

Hmmm. A lot of “hope to” and “plan to” in those captions. I hope I can actually accomplish it all…

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More stuff in bullet form: A week or so ago I watched a loon struggle with a fish. It was happening¬† pretty far away across the lake, and even with binoculars — which sit on my desk year-round for just … Continue reading

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The garden in early summer.

Earlier I showed you my crocuses and daffodils, but they are long done. Now that the trees have fully leafed out, the flowerbed outside our front door is largely a shade garden. There are two or three other daylilies and … Continue reading

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To those of you posting photos of your crocus.

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A little domesticated spring.

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Spring progress, pt. 2.

This gallery contains 5 photos.

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Spring progress.

    Gardening in the Upper Midwest can be challenging. Of course, every region has its own particular challenges but ours seem especially annoying in the spring. I see other bloggers post pictures of their crocuses and snowdrops and even … Continue reading

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Spring! (con’t)

¬†The crocus planting continues today. We got only about half of them into the ground yesterday. If we finish the croci, there will be daffs, too — 100 mixed bulbs to naturalize between the little patch of them in the … Continue reading

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Molly The Teenage Helper is planting crocus for me! 100 soft blue-lavender mixed with 25 mixed colors. I can’t wait for spring!

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Today is brought to you by the color green*.

The wild geraniums are blooming along the roadsides here.   A closer look.   The hardy geraniums in my garden. Notice how well they are blooming. Not.   My hardy geraniums and their neighbors, labeled. You know how you never … Continue reading

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