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It’s what’s been happening.

It has been a long, l-o-n-g time since I blogged about what’s happening in my life. Let’s fix that. And now the big news (talk about burying the lede!) My Christmas present from Amanda: She said, “Turn it around.” She … Continue reading

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47 years.

Smokey’s post on FB last week: “Our 47th wedding anniversary was October 19. I haven’t posted about it until now because we were holed up for 5 days in a 90 year-old rustic cabin on Lake Superior with our 3 … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

I have not done a ToT post in a l-o-n-g time, but right now I need to tell y’all some things, and a ToT format seemed appropriate. Thing the one. Smokey and I have both had our first covid shot. … Continue reading

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Losing at NaNoBloMo but winning at life.

  I managed to blog every day in November… until the last two days. I had just returned from a long Thanksgiving weekend in New Mexico and was catching up on life. (This is why I do not do KALs … Continue reading

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and recycled Halloween costumes. He was never much interested in sports, but he ran cross-country in high school and was an enthusiastic swimmer all summer.     He has never been afraid to share his anti-war sentiments. Clockwise from top … Continue reading

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Sunday random.

The Ten Wealthiest Musicians: 1. Andrew Lloyd Weber $1.2B 2. Paul McCartney $800M 3. Bono $600M 4. Bing Crosby $550M 5. Sean “Diddy” Combs $550M 6. Mariah Carey $500M 7. Jay-Z $475M 8. Dolly Parton $450M 9. Jimmy Buffet $400M … Continue reading

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Ser Percy pines.

Younger Son has been traveling since late August for work and pleasure — Zurich, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and probably places in between. He got home this week, and tonight he will come here to retrieve Ser Percy. Misha will miss her … Continue reading

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Christmas: done and dusted.

photo credit: Lynn Friedman via photopin cc We had a lovely couple of days. On Christmas Eve day Smokey had a doctor's appointment at the VA clinic 40 miles away, and Elder Son went along. Smoke's doc there is youngish … Continue reading

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I was searching through my iPhoto library for a photo of the mini-mini-motorhome — found it! — and came across some others that I felt the need to share. I sincerely hope none of you are still on dial-up because … Continue reading

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Randominity and navel-gazing.

I have noticed that any number of [non-fiction] books have a premise that would be perfect for a long article or a pamplet*, but which do not warrant an entire book. Not that that stops the pundits and analysts and … Continue reading

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