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Hi ho, hi ho! It’s off to the [frog] pond we go…

It was almost three years ago when I started the Fairfield sweater. I knit the back to the armholes, then started the sleeves, knitting them both at the same time in an effort to ensure that they would be the … Continue reading

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What did you knit on your road trip, Kat™?

I started the Ann Arbor/New York trip with: a second sock OTN: the linen stitch scarf OTN: a cake of yarn for a second cowl like this one. In a fit of unbridled optimism I also brought along the Fairfield … Continue reading

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Muttering on a Sunday.

Rabbit :: Hop. Judged :: American Idol. Produce :: Lettuce. Bank :: Money. Standard :: Normal. Mister :: In-Between. Tissue :: Kleenex. Summon :: Court. Selfishly :: Mine! Chatting :: Online. * * * * Last weekend Younger Son got … Continue reading

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Remember when I used to do Sunday posts?

Younger Son drove up yesterday afternoon.  This is how he drove that last 20 miles. Let's do bullets, shall we? My Mac Mini had been slowing down unmercifully over that last few months. Adding an external hard drive for docs, … Continue reading

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Solidarity forever. And knitting.

This is what it looks like when you recruit people to get on a bus at 6 am to ride through the cold (it was -19˚F when we left Eau Claire) to the state capitol to lobby their their legislators … Continue reading

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Knitting. FOs. WIPs.

Once upon a time I took up needlepoint. But after making several Christmas ornaments and two framed nutcrackers, I decided I didn't like needlepoint because it was… frivolous. Nothing I made had any particular use; I felt like a pampered … Continue reading

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