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How I matched the colors.

I know you are all thinking, How did she figure out how to match the colors for the [Lilo &] Stitch?┬áSince I am all about being helpful and transparent, here is a short tutorial in Matching Color To An Image … Continue reading

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Hi ho, hi ho! It’s off to the [frog] pond we go…

It was almost three years ago when I started the Fairfield sweater. I knit the back to the armholes, then started the sleeves, knitting them both at the same time in an effort to ensure that they would be the … Continue reading

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FO Friday. Again.

Warning: the color differences and corrections I talk about here are not readily discernable in my photos. You will just have to trust me that the differences were there and were corrected. While updated my projects page on Ravelry with … Continue reading

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I wonder what would happen if I…

One day a couple weeks ago Smokey was taking a nap and I was doing crosswords on my iPad while keeping him company. As I figured out the three-letter word for a particular lyricist ("IRA"), my mind wandered to a … Continue reading

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What I knit in 2013.

Hover over the photos to see the comments. Twelve squares.   Five baby bibs.      Four pairs of socks.*       Four pairs fingerless gloves of varying lengths.       Four hats.     Four dishcloths.   … Continue reading

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Le tuque du voyageur!

When the weather turned cold a couple weeks ago, Smokey went on a quest to find the hat I knit him last winter — the one that somehow never got chronicled here. He found it, no problem, in a box … Continue reading

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Adventures in dyeing, part B.

You may recall that I have made a couple tuques from an old voyageur pattern.   Smokey liked them so well that he wanted one, too. Tragically, I did not have anything like enough of that gray-blue DK superwash wool … Continue reading

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Adventures in dyeing, part 1.

(Discovered this post and tomorrow's in the drafts folder. Time to go public.) Sometime last year In December 2010 I won some Black Bunny fingering weight yarn at Webs. I blogged about it at the time, but here is a … Continue reading

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That sock yarn afghan I mentioned t’other day.

Like many of us, I have entertained the fantasy of knitting an afghan from my sock yarn leftovers. I even started one a couple years ago but quickly discovered that there are significant gauge differences between the standard 75/25 superwash/nylon … Continue reading

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Mutterings. And stuff.

Sophisticated :: Audrey Hepburn Pelicans :: fish. Flat :: stomach. Cheekbones :: high. Possible :: possibilities. England :: island. Jacket :: potato. Sunflower :: seeds. Hungry :: pelican. Accent :: French. * * * * * I am working on … Continue reading

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