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I was searching through my iPhoto library for a photo of the mini-mini-motorhome — found it! — and came across some others that I felt the need to share. I sincerely hope none of you are still on dial-up because … Continue reading

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Winter, go home. You’re drunk. (redux)

I would love to show you some photos of the 12" (twelve inches!) of snow we got over the past day and a half, but my computer will not recognize my camera, and LastPass (which I installed after reading about … Continue reading

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42. It’s another name for random.

Look at this message I found in my Ravelry inbox yesterday morning: Is that awesome or is that awesome! I immediately sent her a reply that blathered on about how much I like that book. * * * * * … Continue reading

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My hip replacement surgery is scheduled for Monday, January 7. There may be a slight tremor in The Force that day, but fear not, my friends. Tis only the mightiness of my new hip. I may have neglected to mention … Continue reading

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Random Friday.

I found myself thinking in bullet points on Thursday afternoon, which led me to this post. Of course, once I started typing, the individual bullet points got longer. As #1 Son says of himself, I can't even say hello in … Continue reading

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