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Foliage photo of the day, etc.

Let’s do some bullets, ‘kay? I cooked my right hand in a heating pad on Wednesday night. Thursday morning, as I write this, that hand definitely feels better than the left. Heat FTW! Thank you all for your many suggestions … Continue reading

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The notorious RBG.

One of the blogs I follow is NotoriousRBG. The writers do not post daily, but often enough to keep my interest. A few weeks ago I read the book.   I was so enthralled I sought out this. i would … Continue reading

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Alternate uses for yarn.

We all use the tools we are familiar with. Smokey uses a screwdriver to tighten a screw, I will sometimes use a knife. Real gardeners use a wooden or bamboo stake to keep a houseplant upright, I use a knitting … Continue reading

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What I have been reading*.

* where “reading” is used in the sense of “absorbing the contents of a book by whatever means available”. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I got myself a Nook before we went to the North Shore for ten … Continue reading

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Random Monday.

More ice sounds. * * * * * Crocheted Tetris blanket. * * * * * * * * * *   Felted stone mat, $500. All the above found via BoingBoing. * * * * * From author/musician/stand-up artist … Continue reading

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