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My year in knitting, with a bit of crochet thrown in for variety.

Potholders, two.   Fingerless mitts, four pairs.   Mittens, one pair.   Socks, one pair.   Dead baby buntings, several.   Stump covers, two.   Hats, lots.   Cowls, one.   Scarves, one.   Sweaters, zero.   Afghans, one.   … Continue reading

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Foliage photo of the day, etc.

Let’s do some bullets, ‘kay? I cooked my right hand in a heating pad on Wednesday night. Thursday morning, as I write this, that hand definitely feels better than the left. Heat FTW! Thank you all for your many suggestions … Continue reading

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The notorious RBG.

One of the blogs I follow is NotoriousRBG. The writers do not post daily, but often enough to keep my interest. A few weeks ago I read the book.   I was so enthralled I sought out this. i would … Continue reading

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Alternate uses for yarn.

We all use the tools we are familiar with. Smokey uses a screwdriver to tighten a screw, I will sometimes use a knife. Real gardeners use a wooden or bamboo stake to keep a houseplant upright, I use a knitting … Continue reading

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What I have been reading*.

* where “reading” is used in the sense of “absorbing the contents of a book by whatever means available”. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I got myself a Nook before we went to the North Shore for ten … Continue reading

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Random Monday.

More ice sounds. * * * * * Crocheted Tetris blanket. * * * * * * * * * *   Felted stone mat, $500. All the above found via BoingBoing. * * * * * From author/musician/stand-up artist … Continue reading

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