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They’re here!

Elder Son and wife arrived here Wednesday night, almost a week earlier than expected. We are glad to have them for more days than originally planned, but not about why. They left New Mexico on June 26 for their road … Continue reading

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COVID update.

Note: all the links below are to articles in the Washington Post. The second and third are in the coronavirus section of the paper, which I believe does not require a subscription to access. The first link may be behind … Continue reading

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Posting on a Saturday.

What we know about the omicron version of the coronavirus. This article is free on the Washington Post. No subscription needed (pretty much all the articles on the coronavirus are free on their website).

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It’s Holy Week, aka deer hunting season, in Wisconsin.

Not being a hunter myself (much to my father’s dismay when he tried to take me rabbit hunting when I was about 11), I have no particular fondness for gun deer hunting. Bow hunting? At least in that season the … Continue reading

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An update on the corona virus and its behavior the past couple months.

An August 12th podcast from Dr. Michael Osterholm warns of the paucity of protection offered by cloth masks, as well as more info about how the delta virus was spreading. The podcast is two months old, so the content about … Continue reading

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Corona humor.

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I’m not totally done with COVID yet.

See how the vaccination rollout is going in your county.

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A few links.

Bubble wrap art. The good mom in all of us. A way to prevent, or at least minimize, wasted vaccines*. * Elder Son was telling us on our last phone call how the staff at the Zuni medical center are … Continue reading

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Three on Thursday.

I have not done a ToT post in a l-o-n-g time, but right now I need to tell y’all some things, and a ToT format seemed appropriate. Thing the one. Smokey and I have both had our first covid shot. … Continue reading

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Ranting my way towards the new year.

Oh, look! We have death panels now! Related: how full are hospitals near you? As I type this my nearest hospital has one ICU bed available. That is the ONLY ICU bed in this county of 44,000 people. There was … Continue reading

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