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And the corona marches on…

Mental health. And more.

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An earworm for you.

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Coronavirus testing info.

I listen to Dr Michael Osterholm‘s weekly podcasts on the coronavirus pandemic. Last week he talked about, among other things, the different types of tests and what each is good for. I found it interesting and thought you might, too. … Continue reading

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Actual corona news, plus actual rants.

How do the different types of face masks compare? Mask with exhalation valve = a no-no. On a scale of 1 to 10, how risky are different activities? And the rants continue…  

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Ranting my life away.

Job responsibilities now 100% optional in Wisconsin. Stalin said that he who counts the votes wins. In the US it may be he who runs the postal service.

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Things on a Thursday.

First of all, have you heard about Umbrella Man*? The St Paul police have issued a warrant this week for his arrest but have not named him as of this writing, UM made an appearance on this very blog back … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s musings.

From comments on previous blog posts: It’s not a rant, but rather a thoughtful discourse on racism in MN. How the effects of redlining linger. from NPR I haven’t joined the sourdough army, but I have been baking bread a couple … Continue reading

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Corona fiber.

A world tapestry. Ear muffs… for calves?

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And the rants, they just keep coming.

  We move closer to martial law in this country. Whoosh…there goes our democracy! Melvil Dewey was a racist anti-Semite. And his Dewey Decimal System supports white values and systems. link from Let’s end the rants on a high note, … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday. Time for some rants.

How to Avoid Fogging Glasses with a Face Mask: (from Nicholas Kristof’s NYT newsletter) “Tear off a small piece of a tissue, fold into a small oblong and place under the mask on the bridge of the nose … The … Continue reading

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