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Fiber Monday: it’s a contest!

Since the response to this post was, er, underwhelming, I decided to keep it up for the week. Give it a try! I went through all my photos and selected 30 to use here. The challenge is for you to … Continue reading

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This, that, and the other. And a contest.

We went out on Thursday to run errands. We went to… The bank to make a deposit The co-op for bread flour. The post office for stamps and to mail a very belated Christmas present. The library to return books … Continue reading

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I got a package!

Thank you, Kim! This was delightful! (I won her first Countdown to Contests contest. She is counting down to the Knitters’ Hunk and Knitters’ Chick contest. Go look at her blog. Enter the KH and KC contests. Kim gives great … Continue reading

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Win sock yarn for life!

Win Socks for Life! Well, the yarn, you’re on your own after that. (Vancouver, BC) “To be fair, it’s actually only a 25 year supply, so we can only hope the winner dies early to keep me an honest woman.” – … Continue reading

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But first, a public service announcement: Have you been voting for The Knitter's Hunk/Hunkess? Check it out! * * * * * If it had been just one hole, I would have considered fixing them.   This is what happens … Continue reading

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Where the goose lived, including a contest.

If you haven't read yesterday's post, you will not get the goose reference. You can go back and read that post if you, like me, are anal about doing things in the proper order. If you are more like Smokey … Continue reading

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But first, mutterings. Industry :: complex. Jerry :: rigged. Detour :: around. Mug :: Jenny the Potter. Steer :: -ing wheel. Link :: fun! Harmony :: guides. Epic :: saga. Suspect :: Tse– however that is spelled. Translate :: Russian. … Continue reading

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One more thing. No, two more things. Well, actually, three more things.

This was me at the rally yesterday. We librarians* stand with the teachers whose vocation was disparaged and attacked and made to seem the enemy by the incumbent. * Even former part-time librarians currently employed as tax accountants. * * … Continue reading

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Winner of the Twisted yarn is Chelsea! Chelsea, I have emailed you.

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Almost your last chance.

Stacey's, aka Purling Dervish's, fundraiser for the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation is almost over. Go read her story Go read about GJCF. Donate and be in the running for these awesome knitterly prizes.

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