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Squared out.

I thought the deadline for the Newtown squares was March 1 so I finished up with them this week. Turns out the deadline is March 31, but I'm squared out after a dozen.   As you might be able to … Continue reading

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More random.

Elizabeth asked in the comments yesterday whether our heating system couldn't be tweaked to get the maximum heat out of the available water flow. Yes, indeed, the guy who installed it has made at least a dozen trips here to … Continue reading

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My own, longer fingerless gloves. First one done except for thumb and weaving in ends, the other about one-third done. Progress interrupted because these (scroll down past the donation information). Aqua square at right left done in brocade stitch from Barbara Walker's … Continue reading

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Summer knitting.

Note: I found this post in my draft folder, waiting for a picture of the socks. Finally took one. At the beginning of the summer I came upon a pattern that begged to be made in profusion and sold for … Continue reading

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Monday mutterings. And knitting,

Call :: back Instinct :: basic Toffee :: caramel Cleaner :: software* Gut :: level Leveled :: destroyed Discover :: TV Together :: again Attack :: plane String :: theory * I used to have a little Windoze widget called The … Continue reading

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I had my 15 minutes seconds of fame.

Some of you have seen this already, either on TV or Facebook or soxanne's blog or Ravelry, but hey, watch it again! Make me feel famous good!     Ellen and I were interviewed on Wednesday for this piece, which aired on … Continue reading

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If you can’t knit big, knit small.

Many small projects are flying off the needles these days. First was that headband for #2 Son's GF that turned out to be too narrow. I did some calculations, figured out a different edging, and decided that a cable worked … Continue reading

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Warm heads, not hot heads.

As I mentioned before, I jumped into this project with both feet and all my needles. I knit one hat and plan to knit one more by next weekend. But I had several other hats hanging around in the "to be … Continue reading

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It’s cold. And other items of marginal interest.

The temperature in Minneapolis was, I think, around zero or colder every morning of this, my first week back at work. Thanks, weather gods, for giving me such a memorable welcome. Note: photo above is Lucy at the lake house, … Continue reading

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WIP FO Wednesday.

I turned in the hat and mittens yesterday to the yarn shop that is collecting them. The sun cooperated by shining in the morning; I wanted to get some photos of the hat with a low-angle sun so that the … Continue reading

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