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FO Friday.

Y'all saw the Citron when it was 99.47% done and I ran out of yarn. Well, thanks to the magic of the internet and Ravelry and family and friends, I was able to finish it exactly as written — no fudging that last ruffle … Continue reading

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Weighing in.

Remember this? It came to me that I had swatched this yarn a few month ago. That swatch had enough yarn in it to knit another row and a half! That would certainly help, but would it be enough? Then … Continue reading

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As promised, knitting!

That, my friends, is a nearly finished Citron, knit from Mista Alpaca fingering weight. It is a bit scrunched up; know that when it is properly blocked it will appear less blotchy. (I hope.) I have knitted 2 of the … Continue reading

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Photography fails.

I thought I would share with you what I went through to get this photo: I used my eBay light box because I wanted to get a good shot of it. As you all know, natural light is tough to … Continue reading

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If you can’t knit big, knit small.

Many small projects are flying off the needles these days. First was that headband for #2 Son's GF that turned out to be too narrow. I did some calculations, figured out a different edging, and decided that a cable worked … Continue reading

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